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"The Return of Chef"
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Episode no. Season 10
Episode 1
Guest stars Peter Serafinowicz
Production no. 1001
Original airdate March 22, 2006
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"The Return of Chef" is the first episode of Season Ten, and the 140th overall episode of South Park. It aired on March 22, 2006.[1]


Chef returns to South Park after spending time away with a group called "The Super Adventure Club", but when his strange behavior starts getting him in trouble, the boys risk everything to save him.[1]


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Plot details follow.

In a fake 'Previously on South Park...' segment, it is shown that Chef has gone away to stay with the Super Adventure Club because he seeks adventure in his life. The boys, including Cartman, are extremely saddened and give him a tearful farewell.

Three months later, the boys are sitting around, sad, and bored. Suddenly the doorbell rings and Stan goes to answer it. "It's Chef!" He exclaims his usual, "Hello there children!", and the boys run up to hug him.

The townsfolk are all delighted to have Chef back, who is staying at Jimbo and Ned's Residence for the time being. Chef answers the questions of the residents and reveals he is still part of his club, but is living with all his old friends. As Chef leaves, the boys have noticed a change in Chef's voice, but they shrug it off and are just happy that he's back.

The next day at school, the boys stand in line for lunch looking forward to Chef's meals. Clyde walks up to the boys and tells them that he thinks Chef wants to have sex with him. The boys ignore this, believing Clyde to be wrong. As they reach the front of the queue, Chef asks if they want to meet up and make love. The boys are horrified, and Chef continues his perverted conversation.

Soon, the police arrive at the school to question the pupils about Chef due to his recent perversions. A cop uses a doll to question and demonstrate the possible ways Chef may have molested the kids. Later, Chef asks the boys over to his place to make love. The boys warn Chef he has to stop, but he ignores this and continues his pursuits.

The boys then take a trip to the Super Adventure Club to find out what has happened to Chef. They discover that the Super Adventure Club goes adventuring around the world- having sex with children. The boys realize in horror that Chef has been brainwashed by the club.

The boys take Chef to a psychiatrist, who determines that the best course of action is to get Chef to return to his old pastime- having sex with women. He takes them to the strip club Peppermint Hippo. Chef does not seem interested in the women there and they prepare to leave, but then notices a large black pole dancer who he immediately falls for. He then realizes that he has been brainwashed and blurts out, "I'm gonna make love to you woman!" as he had previous to brain-washing. He apologizes to the children, but the Super Adventure Club abruptly arrives and hits him with tranquilizer darts.

Taken back to the club's headquarters, Chef is being brain-washed once more. The boys arrive shortly after to save Chef once more, only to be met by the club's leader, William Connelly, who explains their organization's history. He reveals that the club's founder traveled the world trying to be the first to explore and discover, but was always beaten by others. He soon realized that if he couldn't beat people getting to a new destination, he could still be the first to have sex with the native children at the said destination- an action, the founder believed, that led to immortality. He "lived for eternity until he was hit by a train in 1892." The boys try to point out how ridiculous the whole story is, but Connelly believes it to be no more ridiculous than any other religious parable.

Connelly then tells the boys to leave but they stubbornly refuse to go without Chef. The four then burst into Chef's room and attempt to free him. Thanks to an attack move from Kenny, the boys manage to escape and cross the rope bridge to freedom. On the other side, however, the club members remind Chef of why he left his home, William explains to Chef that he sought adventure due to a dull life. Stan reminds Chef that they love him. Chef apologizes but crosses the bridge to the club. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning hits the bridge and Chef catches fire. He then falls off the burning bridge, hitting the rocks on the side of the ravine as he does so, and is then impaled on a branch. A mountain lion then appears and attacks him, followed by a grizzly bear; one of the club members tries to shoot them, but due to his bad aim ends up hitting Chef instead. Finally, the bear and lion rip his face off and tear his body apart, seemingly killing him.

As he lies dead, the boys look in horror. Stan exclaims, "Oh my God, they killed Chef," and Kyle angrily follows, "You bastards! You bastards!", done in the same style as Kenny's many deaths. The club somberly comments on how he would have made a great member. Cartman offers the boys a ray of hope that Chef may not be dead, as "the last thing you do before you die is crap your pa...!", at which point Chef's body voids its bowels. The boys are resigned to the fact their best friend is dead.

Back at South Park, a funeral is held, the coffin containing Chef's spatula. Kyle explains they should not be mad at Chef, but at "that fruity little club, for scrambling his brains". The town comments that Kyle is right, and he adds that he believes a good part of Chef is still out there, alive in their hearts.

Back at the Super Adventure Club, Chef's corpse is pulled into a suit reminiscent of Darth Vader's, complete with a glowing red spatula. He answers Connelly asking if he would like to suck on his Chocolate Salty Balls, but he does not mean the confectionery- he means his testicles, much to Connelly's luck.


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