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"The Real South Park" was a sketch featured on Comedy Central Netherlands. The sketch features a live-action adaptation of what would be a typical day on the lives of the boys.

The sketch was a preview video for what was reputed to be a live adaption of the original television series. It was later revealed to be an April Fool's joke.[1]


The sketch begins at South Park Elementary where Mr. Garrison along with Mr. Slave are demonstrating the kids what "tossing the salad" means.

The class then goes on a field trip to Amsterdam where Eric Cartman shows the other boys a whore, since according to him, "All women in Amsterdam are whores." He and Kyle then get into an argument where Cartman compares Kyle's mother to Anne Frank, whom he calls a "fat Jew whore", in which Kenny gets pushed into traffic where he is run over by a GVB tram. The sketch ends with Stan and Kyle saying the typical "Oh my God, they've killed Kenny!" "You bastards!".



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