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Several children are known to be in the fourth Grade, but do not appear in Mr. Garrison's class on a regular basis.

Another 4th Grade class is shown entering the hallway in "Eat, Pray, Queef". It appears to be made up of the students who were in the main class in 3rd Grade but not the 4th Grade. Its classroom has not been seen. In "Bass to Mouth", Cartman mentions another 4th Grade teacher named Mr. Bart (in reference to one of his students, Pete Melman) who may or may not teach this class. Other 4th Grade students have also been seen at the school, but not in Mr. Garrison's classroom.

Several other children are also known to be in the 4th Grade but are not known to attend South Park Elementary. They presumably attend another school, do not attend school at all, or simply have not been seen at South Park Elementary.

Individuals who have appeared in the classroom only on certain isolated occasions are generally not considered to be members of the main 4th Grade class and are also listed here.


South Park Elementary

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4th Grade students who are not seen in Mr. Garrison's class regularly but are known to attend South Park Elementary are listed here. These students may have been seen in assemblies, hallways or other group shots set at the school but not in Mr. Garrison's class. Some have appeared in Mr. Garrison's class to fill seats on certain isolated occasions, but are generally not considered members of his class.


Children who are believed to be in the 4th Grade, but who have never been seen at South Park Elementary, or are explicitly known not to attend the school, are listed here.