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The Orange County Crew Coach appeared in the Season Eight episode "You Got F'd in the A" coaching The Orange County Crew to dance against The South Park Diggities on Saturday.


The coach is first seen when Randy Marsh unsuccessfully attempts to call off the dance competition. The coach refuses, and he "serves" Randy so badly that he ends up in the hospital. Later on in the episode at the competition, one of Butters' tap dancing shoes comes off and hits a row of stage lights, causing them to fall and crush the crew and the coach to death.

Despite his death, his character model is reused in the Season Seventeen episode "World War Zimmerman" as one of the angry African Americans in Eric Cartman's nightmare.


The coach has short flat black hair, black eyebrows, and a large mustache. He wears a purple and yellow outfit, white and yellow sneakers, and a round white earring on his right ear.