Douchebag, or otherwise known as 'The New Kid',[1] is the main playable character in South Park: The Stick of Truth. He is not a featured character in the animated series, and is only shown in the game. His only voiced line is spoken at the end of the game, "Screw you guys, I'm going home".[2]

His real name is apparently Dovahkiin, but the only time he is addressed to by that name is when the Big Bad Government Guy starts exposing information about Douchebag.

His appearance is entirely decided by the player; all images below are example appearances.

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Concept and Creation

Trey Parker has claimed to like silent heroes most, inspiring him to make Douchebag, a voiceless/mute protagonist (until the end of the game).[3]


At first, not much is actually known about "Douchebag", except for the fact that his parents moved away with him from their previous home to South Park. It is hinted in the game that something may have happened in their previous home, for Douchebag's parents say that it is good he does not remember. In the last part of the game, the Big Bad Government Guy tells Cartman and the others that Douchebag's real name is Dovahkiin, and he starts talking about a UFO which crashed Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. His government agency was formed in order to investigate the paranormal, and have never lost a fight until four years back when investigating a child who had an unnatural power inside of him. The agency attempted to secure the child so that they could harness the powers, but the child slipped through their hands. Cartman and the rest of the group assume that the Big Bad Government Guy is talking about Douchebag's farts, but he is actually talking about his ability to make friends quickly on any social network. It is revealed that Douchebag had 3.2 billion friends on Facebook alone, before he turned 5. 

Criminal Record

Douchebag does not actually commit many crimes in the game, in fact, suprisingly few when compared to other characters. Usually the action is neccessary to carry out, because it is related to one of his quests.

  • Breaking and Entering: When Douchebag recieves the quest to bust Craig out of detention from Cartman, he enters the school's premises and gets into fights with the hall monitors in order to complete this task. In the end, he successfully busts Craig out from detention. Also, in order to deliver a message to Token, Douchebag has to beat up a security guard and break through a security gate, after getting pepper sprayed and deciding to wear a gas mask in order to prevent the pepper spray's effects. 
  • Underage Smoking/Drug Abuse:  In order to recruit the goth kids, the goths tell Douchebag that they will only consider this if he proves that he is a non-conformist. He establishes this by dressing up like a goth, smokes cigarettes and drinks coffee.
  • Vandalism: The goths easily persuade Douchebag to prove that he is a non-conformist by taping a sign to the table in the community center saying 'Fuck the Conformists', whilst a big PTA meeting is taking place, and then taking a picture of the sign taped to the table as a source of proof.
  • Unlicensed Surgery: Douchebag must pretend to be a member of staff at the abortion clincic whilst dressing up as a girl, at the girls request to find out if Heidi Turner is a 'two faced bitch' so that they will join forces with the boys. Whilst at the abortion clinic, Douchebag has to peform an abortion to prove that he is an official member of staff, and is successful doing so. Nobody even finds out his true gender or the fact he is not an actual surgeon.
    Douchebag's Fake Passport

    Douchebag's fake passport

  • Fake Identity: In order to breach the Kingdom of the north, that sent an 'undecipherable' document to the boys, Douchebag is told to assume another identity by Cartman, Larry Bobinski from Cleveland. This was mostly Cartman's fault, because he came up with the idea in the first place, and gave Douchebag his new passport containing false information. 
  • Murder: Douchebag and the other boys kill many Nazi zombies in the game, one of them being Chef, who was brought back to life by Clyde to kill Cartman and his gang (Douchebag, Stan, Butters, Kyle, Jimmy and Princess Kenny). However, it is technically self-defence because the zombies attack first.

Grounded Moments

Douchebag is grounded only once in the game, and for an extremely short period of time, as the next morning (after having a bad encounter with the Gnomes, getting shrunk and as a result, having to battle Gnome
Douchebag's Battle with the Gnomes

Douchebag has to battle Warlock in his parent's bed

Warlock on the bed his parents are making love in) his parents didn't give him a second glance when walking out the house to play. The reason he got grounded was for returning home long past his bed time. His parents either forgot the incident, or decided to let it go.


Douchebag's most notable talent is his capability to make friends super easy and fast on any social network, for example Facebook. To his friends surprise, he once had 3.2 billions friends on Facebook. The government wanted his amazing ability to make friends so quickly for themselves, but he and his parents moved away in order to start a new life, not wanting any unnecessary attention. He also has quite a talent for fighting, as Scott Malkinson said, "Yeah, this New Kid may be a douchebag but he sure can fight!" Another notable talent is his farts. Cartman teaches him the most basic farting ability, Dragon Shout, and tells him to never fart on someone's balls. Randy teaches Douchebag a more complex farting ability, The Sneaky Squeaker, again telling Douchebag to never fart on a man's balls, and he is taught the most powerful farting move, Nagasaki, by Phillip and Terrance (who don't forget to remind to never ever fart on a man's balls), and they get him to practice his newly learnt Nagasaki on three pedophiles.


In South Park: The Stick of Truth, four classes are available for Douchebag (the player) to play as. Each class has different abilities and a different attire.

  • Fighter - A fighter is the one of the four classes that the player may select in the game. Cartman says, "A fighter has courage, honor, and the ability to kick fucking ass." 
  • Mage - A mage is one of the four classes that the player may select in the game. Cartman says, "A mage is like a wizard only not as cool."
  • Thief - A thief is one of the four classes that the player may select in the game. Cartman says, "You look sneaky enough to be a thief."
  • Jew - A Jew is one of the four classes that the player may select in the game. Cartman says, "Jew, huh? So I guess we'll never really be friends."


Douchebag is shown to be seemingly mute and voiceless in the game, and appears to display little emotion on his face, usually he has a blank expression on his face. He only has one actually spoken line, which is at the end of the game. Cartman and others occasionally note that "Douchebag" is quick to make friends on
Douchebag Waking Up

Douchebag waking up

Facebook. Only on a few occasions, Douchebag used facial expressions to get his feelings of the situation across, but never talks, except when he says: "Screw you guys, I'm going home." to Cartman, Kyle, and Stan at the game's conclusion. Douchebag doesn't seem very keen and shows little interest in socializing outdoors, despite his amazing capablity to make friends quickly, which is odd since he does not speak in any circumanstances. In fact, it is revealed near the end of the game that before the age of 5, Douchebag had 3.2 billion friends on Facebook alone. His unsocial attitude at the beginning of the game leads to his father kicking him out the house and shouting at him to be a normal kid and play outdoors. Though Douchebag can act unsocial, he is shown to be a kind hearted person who goes out of his way to assist others, such as when he saved Annie when she was being bullied by three girls. He also helps Tweek Tweak get the four o' clock delivery at Kenny's house so that he has time to play Cartman's game. Douchebag will often take the role of Cartman's messenger; instead of speaking any message to them, he simply hands over a note which will contain the information the receiver needs. Most people find his blank expression and his resistance to speak to be an annoyance, but Wendy Testaburger and the rest of her group called it 'hot'.


Douchebag's Parents

Douchebag's parents as shown in the game.


Douchebag's father seems to be a good, concerned parent, though he often pressures Douchebag to go out, more so than Douchebag's mother, and make some friends, 'like a normal kid'. When Douchebag hangs around the house, this irritates his father and he practically kicks him out the house and says to go out and be like a kid for Christ's sake. His name is never mentioned in the game.


Douchebag's mother seems to be a lot softer than his father, and though she encourages Douchebag to go outside and socialize, she does hand him some money and warns him to come back before it gets dark. Like Douchebag's father, her name is never mentioned in the game.


Butters Stotch

Butters is the first character Douchebag can befriend in the game, and fights alongside Douchebag in the beginning. They are generally friendly towards each other, even though Douchebag doesn't say one word to Butters throughout the entire game.

Princess Kenny

Princess Kenny is the second character made available to fight alongside Douchebag, after Butters. After Douchebag finds a flower for Kenny, they become friends. However, later on in the game she betrays him and the others by taking the stick of truth for herself (himself) and becomes extremely powerful. In order to stop her, Eric slightly reluctantly tells Douchebag that he must break the oath he made, which was to never fart on someone's balls, and by doing so, Douchebag manages to stop Kenny.

Stan Marsh

Stan is the third character made available to fight alongside Douchebag, after Butters and Kenny. When Douchebag is captured by the elves and ordered to recruit the goths by the King of Elves, Kyle, him and Stan try to convince Douchebag that Eric is using him to his advantage. Stan seems to respect and trust Douchebag as the king does, especially when Douchebag helps Stan retrieve his Iphone from the 'She-Ogre', who is his sister Shelly.

Jimmy Valmer

Jimmy is the fourth character made available to fight alongside Douchebag, after Butters, Kenny and Stan. Eric, Douchebag and the others first meet Jimmy in their search of the Bard, who is Jimmy. Douchebag and Jimmy are not shown together much but seem to get along fairly well.

Kyle Broflovski

Kyle is the fifth character made available to fight alongside Douchebag, after Butters, Kenny, Stan and Jimmy. Kyle and Stan try to convince Douchebag that Cartman is simply using Douchebag for his own benefit, and Kyle tells Douchebag to recruit the goths and bring the goths to them instead of Cartman. Kyle says that he is trusting Douchebag to do what is right, and if he peforms an act of betrayal, he will tell everyone that Douchebag is a butthole. 

Eric Cartman

Eric is the sixth character made available to fight alongside Douchebag, after Butters, Kenny, Stan, Jimmy and Kyle. Being the Wizard King, Eric welcomes the new kid, Douchebag, into his game, and does not seem to harbor any ill will for Douchebag. He even teaches Douchebag a special ability called Dragon Shout, where the Dragon Shout user releases an extremely powerful fart. Cartman frequently tells Douchebag to never fart on somebody's balls time and time again, as an oath.

Randy Marsh

Douchebag befriends Randy when he is abducted by aliens and is almost probed, but uses the Dragon Shout ability that Eric taught him in order to avoid being probed. Randy then asks him if this was his first time being probed and tells him that he has an incredible control of his asshole. Later, Douchebag saves Randy from the aliens and Randy says to consider him as a friend. After the incident, Douchebag and Randy encounter each other several times in South Park. Randy decides to assist Douchebag by improving his farting skills, and teaches him a farting ability called 'The Sneaky Squeaker'. When Douchebag successfully learns this by practicing on Mr. Mackey, Randy tells him to sneak inside Taco Bell and see what they're up to in there, by using the newly learned ability he just taught him, and then report back to him. Like Cartman, Randy warns Douchebag to never fart on anyone's balls.

Annie Nelson

Douchebag saves Annie from a group of three bully girls, who took her Justin Bieber doll and taunted her with it. After Douchebag chases away the three bullies, Annie thanks him and they become friends. Later in the game where Douchebag needs to recruit girls, he goes to Annie first.

Monica Ryland

In order to recruit the girls to join his team, Douchebag has fulfill Wendy's request to assume the role of Bebe's boyfriend from Lakewood, and ask Monica Ryland the best thing to get for Bebe's birthday would be, to see if Monica is a two-faced bitch or not. When the two meet, Monica tells Douchebag that Bebe is a little two-faced, and then says she read a lot of his Facebook profile and that she thinks he's a really interesting boy, which leads to Wendy, Bebe, and Red confronting her with accusations. They bring Monica's boyfriend, Jake, to her, for payback, but when Monica runs away, Jake says to Douchebag, "Whats the big idea trying to fuck my girlfriend?" This leads to Douchebag and Jake fighting. After that, on Facebook, Monica apologizes to Douchebag about Jake flipping out and tells him she'd still love to be friends. It turns out she wasn't the one who was spreading rumors about Aliie Nelson going to the abortion clinic.

Security Guard

When Douchebag attempts to get past the security guard to Token 's house, the security guard is not hesitatant to pepper spray Douchebag in the face. But when they encounter for the second time, Douchebag wears a gas mask and must fight the security guard to get through the gate. After Douchebag's victory, whenever the security guard sees him again, the guard always says that he can't look at Douchebag without feelings of deep personal shame.


  • Eric Cartman: "Let's ask Douchebag! What do you wanna play next, dude?"                                       Douchebag: "............Screw you guys, I'm going home,"
  • Kyle: "'re the new kid everyone is talking about. What's your name?"
    Douchebag: ...
    Black-Haired Elf: "He doesn't talk, Elf King, he thinks he's hot shit or something."                          



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