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The New Kid, also known as Butthole, Buttstuff, and Douchebag in South Park canon, is the main protagonist of South Park: The Stick of Truth, South Park: The Fractured But Whole, South Park: Phone Destroyer and South Park: Snow Day!. They are not a featured character on South Park, and are only shown in the games. Their only line in all games that the New Kid says at the end of South Park: The Stick of Truth is: "Screw you guys. I'm going home."

Their "real name" is revealed by the Big Bad Government Guy to be Dovahkiin, but the only time they are addressed to by that name is when the Big Bad Government Guy starts exposing information about the New Kid. It is also unknown whether this name is the real name or a simple code name.

Their appearance is entirely decided by the player; all images on the wiki featuring the New Kid are example appearances.


Concept and Creation

Trey Parker has claimed to like silent heroes most, inspiring him to make The New Kid a voiceless/mute protagonist (until the end of the first game).[2]


At first, not much is actually known about "The New Kid", except for the fact that their parents moved away with them from their previous home to South Park. It is hinted in the game that something may have happened in their previous home. The New Kid's parents say that it is good they do not remember. In the last part of The Stick of Truth, the Big Bad Government Guy tells Cartman and the others that the New Kid's real name is Dovahkiin, and he starts talking about a UFO which crashed in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. His government agency was formed in order to investigate the paranormal, and have never lost a fight until four years ago, whilst investigating a child who had an unnatural power inside of them. The agency attempted to secure the child so that they could harness the powers, but the child slipped through their hands. Cartman and the rest of the group assume that the Big Bad Government Guy is talking about the New Kid's farts, but he is actually talking about their ability to make friends quickly on any social network. It is revealed that the New Kid had 3.2 billion friends on Facebook alone, before they turned 5.

Revealed in South Park: The Fractured But Whole, the New Kid's parents also possess the power to rapidly gain followers (though to a lesser degree, as it only really worked on Facebook and Instagram respectively), and the New Kid's friend-making powers are inherited from them. The origin of their farting powers is also revealed; since the New Kid's friend making abilities attracted much unnecessary attention, the couple decided to suppress the New Kid's powers through medicine. But the drugs proved inadequate in suppressing the New Kid's follower-attraction powers, the New Kid's very powerful and very smelly farts being merely a side effect.


The New Kid's identity is not revealed much in The Stick of Truth. In The Fractured But Whole, however, their identity is completely open to choose.

The identity content includes:

  • Race and Ethnicity - Chosen with the help of PC Principal.
  • Gender and Sexuality - Chosen with the help of Mr. Mackey.
  • Alignment and Religion - Chosen with the help of Jesus Christ after helping Gay Fish's mother ascend to Heaven.
  • Power Source - Assigned as Anal by The Coon. Later changed to Heart by the player.
  • Kryptonite - Chosen with the help of Mosquito.
  • Economic Level - Earned with the "help" of Benny.

Criminal Record

  • Assault: The New Kid gets in numerous fights and can hit people of their own age, older and even Kindergartners on the streets in general.
  • Breaking and entering: The New Kid can enter people's resident without permissions, and even find ways to circumvent security measures. When the New Kid receives the quest to bust Craig out of detention from Cartman, they enter the school's premises and gets into fights with the hall monitors in order to complete this task. In the end, they successfully bust Craig out from detention. Also, in order to deliver a message to Tolkien, the New Kid has to beat up a security guard and break through a security gate after getting pepper sprayed, by deciding to wear a gas mask in order to prevent the pepper spray's effects.
  • Disturbing the peace: The goths easily persuade the New Kid to prove that they are a non-conformist by taping a sign to the table in the Community Center saying 'Fuck the Conformists', whilst a big PTA meeting is taking place, and then taking a picture of the sign taped to the table as a source of proof (though due to the actions of Randy Marsh, they do not actually show it during the PTA meeting).
  • Espionage: The New Kid uses a Police Hacking Device on a phone in Tolkien's house to gain undue information which would later be used in prosecution of Tolkien's parents.
  • Fake identity/Document forgery: In order to breach the Kingdom of the North (Canada) to decipher the abortion clinic records, The New Kid is told by Cartman to assume another identity, Larry Bobinski from Cleveland. This was mostly Cartman's fault, because he came up with the idea in the first place and gave The New Kid their new passport containing false information.
    Douchebag's Fake Passport

    The New Kid's fake passport.

  • Impersonating a doctor and unlicensed surgery: The New Kid must pretend to be a member of staff at the abortion clinic whilst dressing up as a girl. The girls' request them to find out who the 'two-faced bitch' is before they will join forces with the boys. Whilst at the abortion clinic, they have to perform an abortion to prove that they are an official member of staff, albeit on a man.
  • Impersonating a police officer: The New Kid can wear SWAT gear pieces while going to places and fighting.
  • Murder: The New Kid and the boys kill many Nazi zombies in the game, one of them being Chef, who was brought back to life by Clyde to kill Cartman and his gang (New Kid, Stan, Butters, Kyle, Jimmy, and Kenny). However, zombies may not technically be alive, and their Nazi zombie-hunting is furthermore officially endorsed by the South Park Police Department. They may also kill the bishop of Banff at the request of the Prince of Canada, however, whether or not they do is up to the player. Also, in South Park: The Fractured But Whole DLC "Bring the Crunch", New Kid can put dirt into a heavily injured counselor, killing him.
  • Property damage: The New Kid causes a UFO to crash into South Park Mall, likely incurring millions of dollars, with UFO debris falling on other locations. This also forces the government to move in and cover up the site. Whether this also counts as property damage against aliens is unknown.
  • Theft: The New Kid loots items from various locations and individuals. Including government properties.
  • Treason: The New Kid enters the fenced-off UFO crash site, thefts the USB stick containing strictly classified government files, then delivers it to dissident adults, which likely threatened national security. They also defeated multiple Secret Service agents, Al Gore, as well as National Guard soldiers. It was possible that these crimes were overlooked by the government due to him helping to cure all Nazi zombies and that they are merely a child.
  • Trespass: The New Kid have entered places off-limits, including the UFO crash site without government authorization.
  • Underage smoking/drug abuse: In order to recruit the Goth Kids, the New Kid has to prove that they are a non-conformist. They establish this by dressing up like a goth, smoking cigarettes, and drinking coffee.
  • Vandalism: The New Kid repeatedly break things like newspapers boxes, dispensers, and parking meters to get money or scrap.
  • Vigilantism: In South Park: The Fractured But Whole, The New Kid becomes a superhero and puts the law into their own hands despite having no legal authority. Which has lead to many altercations throughout the story.

Grounded Moments

The New Kid is grounded only if they do not stop the Hallway Monitor boss from calling their parents, stay in the Lost Forest too long, or if they stay away from home after their parents tell them to come home. It only ever lasts briefly though.

Later in The Fractured But Whole, the New Kid develops the ability to defy parents' commands, and is no longer grounded in the game.


South Park: The Stick of Truth

In South Park: The Stick of Truth, four classes are available for the New Kid (the player) to play as. Each class has different abilities and a different default set of equipment, which upgrades as the New Kid gains rank.

Image Name Description
Newkid-fighter-large 125889
Fighter The Fighter focuses on being able to take damage as well as deal it out. When selected, Cartman says, "A fighter has courage, honor, and the ability to kick fucking ass."
Newkid-mage-large 125894
Mage The Mage focuses on high-damaging PP moves and combos. When selected, Cartman says, "A mage is like a wizard only not as cool."
Newkid-thief-large 125897
Thief The Thief focuses on dealing high damage and bleeding to individual targets. When selected, Cartman says, "You look sneaky enough to be a thief."
Newkid-jew-large 125891
Jew The Jew focuses on debuffing status effects and gaining strength as they lose health. When selected, Cartman says, "Jew, huh? So I guess we'll never really be friends."

Additionally, the player's skin tone can provide extra dialogue based on the chosen class. For example, a New Kid with the lightest available skin tone can hear "A white fighter? Haven't seen a good one of those in a while..." when selecting Fighter or "A white thief? Never heard of one, but interesting." when selecting Thief.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

There are twelve classes available, each with three powers and an ultimate power, which can be freely combined as more classes are unlocked. The New Kid is restricted to only three classes at the start of the game, and any changes would require them to speak to The Coon. More classes would be available for selection in subsequent missions, and after becoming ally with Freedom Pals, Doctor Timothy will lift all such restrictions for the New Kid.


The New Kid's appearance is entirely decided by the player, and will vary greatly. The skin tone of their parents will match the skin tone picked by the player during the initial creation. If their skin tone changes, their parents' will change along with it. Besides the skin and hair tone, the player can choose the New Kid's clothing. However, In South Park: The Stick of Truth, when they choose the class or when they level up they will always have a blue jacket and brown pants on him (with some additional things). In South Park: The Fractured But Whole, as a canonical costume (if the player chooses to wear it) they will have a red balaclava with a yellow star and two metal antennae, a blue shirt, red gloves with yellow outlines and trousers red with orange anklets.

While going to bed, they wear blue formal pajamas with red Ts, blue Ps, the heads of Terrance and Phillip and lime green clouds (very similar to Kyle Broflovski's) or a pair of red footie pajamas with blue trimmings. At the beginning of South Park: Phone Destroyer, the New Kid can dress up as a cowboy or a Native American.

To see images of The New Kid, visit The New Kid/Gallery.


South Park: The Stick of Truth

Mute nature

Douchebag Waking Up

The New Kid waking up.

The New Kid is mute and voiceless in South Park: The Stick of Truth, and displays little emotion. They usually have a blank expression on their face and have only ever spoken once, a single line at the end of the game. This broad portrayal of the character is meant to keep their personality indecisive, and unknown, in order to fit it under an umbrella of the possible personalities the player will want to come up with for them. Cartman and others occasionally note that the New Kid is quick to make friends on Facebook.

On a few occasions, the New Kid use facial expressions to get their feelings on a situation across, such as when Butters heals them during combat, or when they use the toilet. The New Kid has an amazing capability to make friends quickly. In fact, it is revealed near the end of the game that before the age of 5, the New Kid had 3.2 billion friends on Facebook alone. Their seemingly unsocial attitude is meant to be subjective and leaves the New Kid's true thoughts and feelings up to the player to decide.

The New Kid will sometimes take the role of Cartman's messenger; instead of speaking, they'll simply hand over a note that will contain the information the receiver needs. Most other characters find their blank expression and their resistance to speak to be a nuisance, but others would disagree. Bebe Stevens called it 'hot', and Randy viewed it as modesty.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

The New Kid has more expressions that leave the door open for more creativity and speculation on the personality the player chooses for them, making their character more rounded, but more indefinite.

The rate of their facial expressions has greatly increased. In battles where they take damage and are affected by status effects, they still react like before. They also show other emotions such as complacency, concentration or focus when carrying out attacks, and they now smile when targeted by a healing ability. However, these expressions in battle are the same for every character, making it possibly a simple in-game feature. Their mute nature has also been toned down since they grunt audibly on occasions when hit in battle.

In the main storyline, the New Kid looks appropriately shocked and afraid in many terrifying scenes, however, their feelings remain subjective all throughout the game, even when performing tasks, such as handing the "special drink" to DJ Hippo. The only major occasions where the New Kid has a clear, definitive moment of expression, is when they are eating dinner. As they listen to their parents screaming at each other, they sigh disconsolately, picking at their dinner disinterestedly to the tune of gloomy music. The New Kid can also Peek through the locked door to see their father gobbling pot brownies (later discovered to be spiked with cat urine).

The New Kid is shown having an even greater attachment to social life compared to the previous game, they spend more time on their phone as well. They also have greater trust for the companions, they help them with their problems and even create some abilities to save other kids. Later in the game, the New Kid is forced to sacrifice one of their parents to get the Freedom Pals out of the Genetics Lab. This decision is up to the player, which effectively, and morbidly, shows which parent the New Kid prefers.

As a possible result of social engagements, the New Kid developed a sense of rebellion against their parents, they started defying suggestions and disobeying commands, in specifics, they would leave their house at night despite the fact that their parents told them not to. They even cracked the locks that their parents put up to prevent them from going out. It is unknown whether the New Kid is going through a youth rebellion phase or they are just acting like a naughty little kid as they should be.

The New Kid also shows their ignorance of the people of South Park, and is still naïve about the people in the town, partly due to only recently moving in.

They also show acts of rebellion against their parents, while obeying their orders before, they now defy their commands and reject their advice. They even develop the ability to become "ungroundable", and the power to unground other kids.

While seemingly normal in most cases, the New Kid has an undeniably uncanny attraction to catastrophic situations. They witness the death, mutilation, and several other unfortunate fates of many of the characters, and do not deliver any help. They are even forced to murder one of their parents to get the Freedom Pals to safety.

The New Kid shows self-doubt in the mission "Farts of Future Past", they do not believe in themselves, therefore making their TimeFart leap forward through time instead of back.

South Park: Phone Destroyer

In Phone Destroyer, the New kid is addicted to, or at least forced into (by Cartman), spending countless hours on his phone, making him become really good at the game real fast. He is also shown to be naïve, following Cartman's manipulative orders into trying to gain more experience on his phone.


Making Friends

The New Kid's most notable talent is their capability to make friends super easy and fast on any social network, for example, Facebook. To their friends' surprise, they once had 3.2 billion friends on Facebook. The government wanted their amazing ability to make friends for themselves, but the New Kid and their parents moved away in order to start a new life, not wanting any unnecessary attention.


They also have quite a talent for fighting, as Scott Malkinson says, "Yeah, the New Kid may be a douchebag but he sure can fight!"

The New Kid has managed to defeat almost every enemy blocking their way, including but not limited to kids of their age, wild animals, armed adults, aliens, zombies, and even large monsters. The New Kid fought against all odds, attaining victories after another despite the number disadvantage, equipment inferiority, sickness and aliments, cheatings, or even multiple of such disadvantages at the same time.

The New Kid also possesses a wide range of weapon mastery. For melee weapons, they can either use one-handed or two-handed weapons with great effects. For ranged weapons, they can use also bow, guns, throwing darts or bouncing objects, each with their tricks to their desired potential. They can especially control the ricochet of their bouncing weapons to hit multiple enemies back and forth without any backfire. The weapon mastery even extends to cover alien tech.

The New Kid seems to also have a fondness for fighting when it comes to difficult situations, they often simply pick a fight and crush the enemy forces without any negotiation attempt. This might have something to do with their mute nature, which results in their lack in social skills (even when they can make friends rapidly online).


Another notable talent is their farts, learning one after another, and each time, taking on "the Gentleman's Oath" to never fart on someone's balls. Their Magic can be used to disrupt and damage enemies in combat, create pathway and explore, set fire on explosion and even chain reaction if possible, or combine it with their physical attacks. In addition, The New Kid can store their Magic as Mana and use it at will, as well as quickly refilling their Mana by consuming specific snacks. However they will brown themself if their Mana gets overloaded.

Icon Name Description
Ic abl dragon shout
Dragon Shout A direct burst of Magic. Can clear obstacles, such as debris and rat swarms. Taught by Cartman.
Ic tool cup a spell
Cup-A-Spell A ranged version. Can safely cause explosions from a further distance. Taught by Cartman.
Ic abl squeaker
Sneaky Squeaker Another ranged version which can be manipulated to pop as desired, emitting sound and catching attentions. Can be used to confuse and lure targets away. Taught by Randy Marsh.
Ic abl nagasaki fart
Nagasaki The most powerful Magic. Causes a tremendous explosion to all enemies. Can be held on resonance to destroy specific obstacles. Taught by Terrance and Phillip.


The New Kid's farts reach another level in The Fractured But Whole, capable of manipulating space-time continuum.

Icon Name Description
Time Fart Glitch
TimeFart Glitch Restores the status of everything to its original status a few moment ago, including but not limited to living people's actions, destroyed objects, and even reviving dead people. Gained by eating an Enchirito.
Time Fart Pause
TimeFart Pause Stops the time for a short moment to freely move around and interacts with objects, but The New Kid still returns to their original position where they used the TimeFart. Gained by eating the Cheesy Shrimparito.
Time Fart Shift
TimeFart Shift Speeds up the day-night cycle. Acquired to get inside the gate of South Park Genetic Engineering Ranch, and must be powered with an AC fan. Cannot be used outside the story.
TimeFart Leap Travels through time. Acquired by consuming the "Seven Layer Quesarito Chipotle Beefy Nacho Supreme", but not usable outside of the story. It is not featured in any combat besides the battle against Mutant Alternate Human Kite.
Time Fart Summon
TimeFart Summon Acquired by consuming the Chocolate Memberrito, outside of the main campaign and by the player's option. Cannot be used outside of combat.

Minor Powers

  • Bitch Slap: The New Kid lays down their "strong hand" to show the girls of a rival pimp "what a good Daddy" they are in "The Big Beatdown".
  • Music: During "The Samaritan Agenda", the New Kid is shown to play the mandolin very well, and even develops a new way to play flugelhorn.
  • Finance/Gambling: The New Kid plays the "investment" game in "Always Bet on Chaos" and gains access to an $80,000 loan on behalf of Professor Chaos. Through further "investing" the New Kid is able to improve their own economic level, eventually becoming part of the "0.01%."
  • Ungroundability: Despite being grounded by their parents if they stay out for too long in the forest or after dark, the New Kid does not seem to accept the authority of adults other than their parents to ground them, and can even "unground" other kids with their touch.
  • Emotional Manipulation: The New Kid uses "puppy eyes" to convince The Coon to let them have a third and fourth class. However, this pitiful behavior is strongly implied to be imagined by The Coon, meaning that how much, if any, of this is a conscious act on the part of the New Kid is unknown. Some adults, however, do call the New Kid adorable.
  • Disguise and Cosmetics: As seen in the games, the New Kid can customize their appearance however they like, and their disguise as a superhero can fool almost every person in town. Their disguise as a person with different racial identities are also transcendent, as they can change their skin tone in no time.

One of the New Kid's drawings seen in The Stick of Truth.

  • Drawing: The New Kid has drawn a few paintings as seen in The Stick of Truth. Their drawings at a young age also reveal their talent and interest in art. Their macaroni pictures also demonstrates this.
  • Crafting: As an in-game mechanic, the New Kid can craft many items with their hands.
  • Swimming: The New Kid can swim very well, having amazing breath holding abilities from both ends, as shown in "From Dusk till Casa Bonita".
  • Academics: As shown in the scanning process of the buddy abilities, various equations can be seen, including ones for Aerodynamics, Kinematics, even relativity. These equations from a 9-year-old child implies the New Kid's transcendence in academics.
  • "Fishing": The New Kid can use strange ways to catch fish, shoving dynamites up their butt, firing them from their butt, into the water, and use the explosion to burst the intended object from the waters and onto the land.
  • Sports: If The New Kid were to choose the Fighter class in the first game, he will have two abilities that are sports related, implying that they are pretty good at sports.
  • Voice Acting: If The New Kid is female, then they/she would be able to change their/her voice, since they/she had a deep voice last game.


Douchebag's Parents

The New Kid's parents as shown in the game. Their hair and skin colors change depending on which shade of skin the player selects for The New Kid.


The New Kid's father, Chris, seems to be a good, concerned parent, though he often pressures The New Kid to go out, more so than The New Kid's mother, and make some friends, "like a normal kid." When The New Kid hangs around the house, it irritates their father and he practically kicks them out the house. He seems to be particularly irritated by his child's mute nature; on one occasion, he even tries to bribe them into speaking with $20, which does not come to fruition.

It is revealed in South Park: The Fractured But Whole that he has started eating pot brownies - which unfortunately make him violent. His attitude for the New Kid's social activity also changes drastically, hoping they would not go out to make friends or talk to other children. He was fully aware that the drugs they have been putting in New Kid's food cause side effects.

He is also shown to become furious about Kelly confirming personal information the New Kid reveals to people like Mr. Mackey and PC Principal, hoping the others would not acquire any knowledge about the family.


The New Kid's mother, Kelly, seems to be a lot softer than their father. Though she encourages The New Kid to go outside and socialize, she does leave them some money and warns them to come back before it gets dark. Unlike their father, The New Kid's mother does not seem to be particularly irritated by The New Kid's mute nature. In correspondence to her husband's drug abuse, she was revealed to be an alcoholic. Kelly has been putting drugs in the New Kid's food to try to lessen their rampant charisma, despite knowing there are side effects.


Butters Stotch


The New Kid rescuing Butters from the Drow Elf in The New Kid in Town.

In South Park: The Stick of Truth, the paladin Butters the Merciful is the very first person the New Kid befriends in South Park, and the first character to become their combat buddy. Butters also introduces the New Kid to te game at Kupa Keep so that they can join in. Butters is the only buddy who verbally reacts when the New Kid is idle on their phone, implying that the New Kid is texting him directly and hinting at a stronger friendship with Butters than the New Kid shares with their other buddies. Butters using Healing Touch on the New Kid is the only thing in the game that makes them smile, further reinforcing their bond. If the New Kid sides with the Drow elves during the attack on the school, they are forced to fight Butters, though Butters reassures them that they can still be friends outside of the game.

In South Park: The Fractured But Whole, Professor Chaos begins the game in an adversarial role to the New Kid and their allies, unleashing as many minions as $20,000 can buy to put a stop to them. Following Chaos' defeat and subsequent capture however, he agrees to help break the New Kid into Freedom Pals' base, and with the New Kid's help, develops the "Haywire" ability to "hack" electrical circuits, stands up to his father and becomes "ungroundable" in the process. After the New Kid helps him recoup the money he was not paid for his foiled scheme, keeping at least some of his minions on payroll, Chaos vows to fight by the New Kid's side, later leaping to their aid when Doctor Timothy turns the Coon and Friends against them. In the South Park: The Fractured But Whole DLC, Bring the Crunch, Professor Chaos helps fight alongside the New Kid in his quest with Jimmy Valmer to help save Lake Tardicaca.

Kenny McCormick

In South Park: The Stick of Truth, Princess Kenny befriends the New Kid after they pick a flower for her, and is the second character to become their combat buddy.


The New Kid untying Kenny in The Bard.

At the Inn of the Giggling Donkey, the New Kid saves Princess Kenny from being "raped," a deed for which the princess declares them her hero. Her sister can also reveal that Princess Kenny thinks the New Kid is "cute." This of course could be part of the roleplay. Near the end of the game however, she betrays them and the others, taking the Stick of Truth for herself and becoming extremely powerful. To stop her, Cartman reluctantly asks the New Kid to break the Gentleman's Oath and fart on Nazi Zombie Princess Kenny's balls, in doing so the New Kid defeats Nazi Zombie Princess Kenny and cures the Nazi Zombie plague. Following this, the New Kid and the others allow Princess Kenny to continue playing with them, with her dismissing her betrayal as "PMSing."

In South Park: The Fractured But Whole, Mysterion repeatedly attempts to convince the New Kid that they were fighting for the wrong side. While Mysterion is initially suspicious of the New Kid's apparent desire to switch franchises, he immediately warms up to them after the New Kid and Professor Chaos prove themselves. He even admits that he is glad the New Kid joined Freedom Pals, as there was now another person with real superpowers that he can relate to. However, this seems to cause some resentment from Mysterion (likely due to no one believing he actually has a power while the New Kids powers are more obvious), which causes him to lash out at them, even going so far as to accuse the New Kid of beating Doctor Timothy up despite Timothy being the aggressor. Furthermore, after the Genetic Ranch incident, Mysterion repeatedly blames the New Kid for farting them forward in time. Despite this, Mysterion trusts the New Kid enough to ask them for assistance in saving his sister Karen in the DLC, "From Dusk till Casa Bonita", potentially even doing so before the New Kid has officially become his ally.

Stan Marsh


The New Kid entering Shelly's room with Stan in The She-Ogre.

In South Park: The Stick of Truth, the ranger Stan Marshwalker, alongside The Bard, becomes the New Kid's combat buddy at High Jew Elf King Kyle's decree, and befriends them after they help him reclaim his iPhone from the "She-Ogre." If the New Kid sides with the humans during the attack on the school, they will be forced to fight Stan and his "trusty wolf companion." Following this however, Stan seems to bear no ill will toward the New Kid, expressing disbelief that there is even a choice between the New Kid fighting Kyle or Cartman, implying he still believes the New Kid will ultimately side with them. He later leads the pirates in an assault on the outside of Clyde's Fortress while the New Kid and their other buddies assault the interior. In South Park: The Fractured But Whole, Toolshed calls the Coon and Friends out to the playground in order to thank the New Kid for their help in preventing his dad from drunk-driving. He returns the favor by lending the power of his sandblaster to clear the "lava" blocking the U-STOR-IT.


The New Kid using their fart powers to power Stan's sandblaster.

After discovering that the power of New Kid's farts lets him use the "Sandblaster" ability without an air-compressor, Toolshed declares that he and the New Kid "make a good team." Toolshed recognizes that the Coon and Friends "are nothing without the New Kid," and is the only Freedom Pal not to immediately cast suspicion upon the New Kid's apparent desire to switch franchises.

Jimmy Valmer

In South Park: The Stick of Truth, Jimmy, The Bard, alongside Stan Marshwalker, becomes the New Kid's combat buddy at High Jew Elf King Kyle's decree, and befriends them after they help him acquire the flute the rancher has for sale.


Jimmy defeated by the New Kid.

The New Kid's first encounter with The Bard however, is far from friendly, and the two ultimately fight for possession of the Stick of Truth, with the New Kid even apparently making off with one of his crutches as a trophy. Despite this, if fighting for the drow elves during the attack on the school, Jimmy will aid the New Kid by providing them "bardic" access to the school's side door, and much later, to the defusing mechanism of a snuke.

In South Park: The Fractured But Whole, Fastpass requires the New Kid's help setting up his Fast-Travel Network, as much to the New Kid's benefit as his own. Later, after the New Kid comes over to his house to interrogate Classi, but before they leave to collect her medication, Fastpass teaches the New Kid about equipping "DNA" to enhance their abilities, warning them that gaining a bonus in one area may require taking a penalty in another, "kind of like how steroids shrink your balls, or so I have read." Fastpass is apparently also eager to tell his parents about his friendship with the New Kid, causing them to comment on how lucky he is to have a friend like the New Kid. In the DLC "Bring the Crunch" the New Kid arrives after a call of Jimmy to help save the Camp of Lake Tardicaca.

Kyle Broflovski

In South Park: The Stick of Truth, High Jew Elf King Kyle becomes the New Kid's combat buddy after the human and drow elf kingdoms are forced to unite, befriending them either immediately before or after the attack on the school, depending on whether the New Kid fought for or against the elves.


Kyle trying to convince the New Kid to side with the Drow Elves and betray Cartman.

When Grand Wizard Cartman sends the New Kid to recruit to goths, Kyle has them captured and brought to the Elven Kingdom, where he accuses Cartman of using the New Kid, and attempts to convince them to recruit the goths on behalf of the elves instead. Kyle trusts the New Kid to do what's right, and threatens to tell everyone that the New Kid is "a butthole" if they betray him.

In South Park: The Fractured But Whole, Human Kite is, along with Super Craig, one of the two Coon Friends the New Kid must aid with his personal mission before they can begin their mission proper. Human Kite enlists the New Kid's help in making Human Kite 2 from an Alternate Universe want to return to his own universe "on the East Coast," by beating him up, which Human Kite cannot do himself. After a second encounter with Human Kite 2, during which Human Kite temporarily turns against the Coon and Friends after his mom gets involved, Kite and the New Kid co-develop the "Fartkour" ability to get Kite 2's kite down from the tree and, albeit reluctantly, allow Human Kite 2 to occasionally take part in the game.

Eric Cartman

In South Park: The Stick of Truth, Grand Wizard Cartman becomes the New Kid's combat buddy after the human and drow elf kingdoms are forced to unite, befriending them either immediately before or after the attack on the school, depending on whether the New Kid fought for or against the humans. As the ruler of the Kingdom of Kupa Keep, Cartman inducts the New Kid into the game and seems genuinely welcoming of them, placing both his best paladin and the princess at their disposal.


Cartman teaching the New Kid Dragonshout in Call the Banners.

Cartman is the New Kid's first mentor in the art of "magic," teaching them to harness the power of their farts both in battle and afield, but cannot stress enough the sacred vow to never fart on a man's balls that is the "Gentleman's Oath". In South Park: The Fractured But Whole, The Coon is initially hostile to the New Kid's attempts to join the superhero game, dismissing "King Douchebag" as just another civilian. After some persuading, however, he allows the New Kid to become a superhero, walking them through the process of filling in their character sheet, crafting their "backstory," which allegedly motivates them to fight crime, before sending them out into town to acquire Coonstagram followers on behalf of the "Coon and Friends" superhero franchise. Even then, The Coon constantly belittles the New Kid over how much their superhero persona "sucks," while continually allowing them to add new classes to their character, out of pity over their "tragic" backstory.


Cartman asking the New Kid to take a photo of him.

In the DLC "From Dusk till Casa Bonita", The Coon agrees to help fight alongside with the New Kid to help with his quest to save Mysterion's sister Karen from the Vampires if the New Kid takes a picture of him.

Wendy Testaburger

In South Park: The Stick of Truth, Wendy is the nominal leader of the girls the New Kid is sent to recruit on behalf of the boys, though Wendy and the girls are more concerned with discovering whom among the girls is a "two-faced bitch," agreeing to join the game only on the condition that the New Kid solve this mystery for them. Thanks to the New Kid's efforts, Wendy and the girls discover that Heidi Turner is the two-faced bitch, but Heidi is really sorry, so she and the other girls make up. Wendy can later be found amidst the attack on Clyde's Fortress, distraught that his Army of Darkness have ripped the shieldmaiden costume she worked really hard on, but the New Kid can have Butters "heal" her, renewing her resolve to fight.


The New Kid's first encounter with Call Girl.

In South Park: The Fractured But Whole, Call Girl first reveals herself when she saves the New Kid from an ambush by vengeful Raisins Girls. Call Girl warns the New Kid that their actions have attracted the attention of some bad people, though she reassures the New Kid that they can call on her if they ever need her help. If the New Kid identifies as anything but a cisgendered male, Call Girl will reveal that she has known they were not a boy since the day they moved to town, but promises to keep it a secret out of respect for the New Kid's wish to be "mysterious." Call Girl joins Toolshed and the Coon and Friends' raid on the Chaos Lair, and later calls upon the New Kid to help her discover why her cellular data plan has been canceled.

Clyde Donovan


Clyde after being defeated by the New Kid.

In South Park: The Stick of Truth, the knight Clyde runs the shop of Kupa Keep, is the New Kid's sparring partner as they learn to fight, and blames the New Kid when he is banished for failing to protect the Stick of Truth. After the battle at the school, Clyde reveals that he has stolen the Stick, uses the control it grants him over the universe to denounce both kingdoms, and strips both kings, Cartman and Kyle, of their power. After recruiting many allies to their cause, the New Kid and the united Fighters of Zaron launch an epic assault upon the Dark Lord Clyde's Fortress of Darkness, defeat the reanimated Nazi Zombie Chef and banish Clyde from space and time all over again, the New Kid being crowned King for their victory.

In South Park: The Fractured But Whole, Mosquito is first rescued by the New Kid from the evil temptations of the Raisins Girls, his Kryptonite. Mosquito then helps the New Kid fill out their character sheet by documenting their own Kryptonite, reassuring the New Kid that they can confide in him the knowledge of their weakness. Mosquito soon requests the New Kid's aid in taking out the Raisins Girls who have begun hunting him all over town. Later, Mosquito calls the New Kid for assistance in rescuing his dad's credit card, which he claims the Raisins Girls are holding hostage. After defeating the united Raisins' employees and solving his Raisins problem for good, Mosquito declares that the New Kid is "the best."

Tolkien Black


The New Kid at Tolkien's door.

In South Park: The Stick of Truth, the healer Tolkien is one of the three warriors that Grand Wizard Cartman sends the New Kid to summon in preparation to retake the Stick of Truth from the drow elves. After being pepper-sprayed for approaching Tolkien's house, the New Kid purchases a gas mask and despatches the security guard. The New Kid then delivers Cartman's summons to Tolkien, who thanks them for their message and "makes haste" to Kupa Keep, asking his mom if she can drive him to Eric's house. Later, at the Keep, Tolkien can confide in the New Kid that at first he "didn't want to join the 'KKK', but the Grand Wizard made some compelling arguments."

In South Park: The Fractured But Whole, Tupperware is accompanied by the New Kid on their first mission as a Freedom Pal. Initially resentful of being assigned the New Kid as "backup," Tupperware is quickly reminded by Doctor Timothy of the Freedom Pals' motto, "Retribution but with Inclusion," and accepts the New Kid's help. Although it does not go quite as planned, the mission is declared a success, and the New Kid and Professor Chaos are officially Freedom Pals. Later, Tupperware takes point alongside the New Kid during the raid on the police station. The New Kid got his dad thrown in prison, but Tupperware forgives them since they also broke him out again. Tupperware also rewards the New Kid for completing his "Danger Deck" DLC.

Craig Tucker


Craig thanking the New Kid for busting him out of detention.

In South Park: The Stick of Truth, the thief Feldspar is one of the Warriors Three that Grand Wizard Cartman sends the New Kid to summon in preparation to retake the Stick of Truth from the drow elves. Upon arriving at Craig's house however, the New Kid is informed that Craig has detention for flipping off the principal. Thus, the New Kid must infiltrate the school to liberate Feldspar, devastating the hall monitors like "some kind of Dragonborn." After Clyde steals the Stick, Craig defects to his side, claiming he fights for "whoever has the coolest base." Craig is then fought during the assault on Clyde's Fortress, citing that Clyde has declared him "immune to splash-damage" and attempting to convince the New Kid to join Clyde as well.


Craig petting Stripe after the New Kid's help to catch him.

In South Park: The Fractured But Whole, Super Craig is, along with Human Kite, one of the two Coon Friends the New Kid must aid with his personal mission before they can begin their mission proper. Super Craig enlists the New Kid's help in locating his guinea pig Stripe, refusing to play until he finds him. Super Craig later recruits the New Kid as his go-between in retrieving his laptop from his estranged boyfriend Wonder Tweek, who demands the return of Stripe in exchange. Mr. Tweak instead suggests couples' counseling, which Super Craig agrees to as long as the New Kid is present as his "support team." With the New Kid's support, Super Craig ultimately mends his relationship with Wonder Tweek.

Tweek Tweak


Tweek shaking the New Kid when given the note from Cartman.

In South Park: The Stick of Truth, the barbarian Tweek is one of the three warriors that Grand Wizard Cartman sends the New Kid to summon in preparation to retake the Stick of Truth from the drow elves. Unfortunately, Tweek cannot play until he finishes all his chores and picks up the "special ingredient." Tweek, knowing he cannot do both and still have time to play, asks the New Kid to pick up the ingredient from Kenny's house on his behalf while he finishes his chores. Upon the New Kid's return with the package, Tweek is free to head to Kupa Keep. At the Keep however, Tweek is too busy practicing his combat technique to have much time to speak to the New Kid, or anyone else for that matter.

Quest 40

Tweek in the couples' conseling with Craig and the New Kid.

In South Park: The Fractured But Whole, Wonder Tweek accompanies the New Kid and Professor Chaos on Tupperware's mission to the Old Folks' Home, where the New Kid and Chaos are to prove they are sincere about switching franchises. Around this time, the New Kid also approaches Wonder Tweek in his parents' coffee shop with a note from Super Craig demanding the return of his laptop, which Wonder Tweek demands the return of Stripe, the guinea pig he paid for, in response. Mr. Tweak instead suggests couples' counseling, which Wonder Tweek agrees to as long as the New Kid is present to get Super Craig to "think rationally." With the New Kid's support, Wonder Tweek ultimately mends his relationship with Super Craig.

Timmy Burch

In South Park: The Stick of Truth, the drow elf Sir Timmy's interaction with the New Kid is minimal, appearing only as the provider of the Fast-Travel Network, befriending the New Kid once they locate all of his Fast-Travel Banners.


Doctor Timothy when the New Kid wants to join the Freedom Pals.

In South Park: The Fractured But Whole, Doctor Timothy is willing to give the New Kid the chance to prove they are sincere about switching franchises, sending them along on Tupperware's mission to the Old Folks' Home. When The Coon reveals that the New Kid had faked joining the Freedom Pals in order to steal their lead on the police station however, Doctor Timothy punishes the New Kid by mind-controlling the Coon and Friends against them, leaving only Professor Chaos and Call Girl to defend them. After the Coon and Friends merge with the Freedom Pals under Doctor Timothy's leadership, Timothy assures the New Kid that the Freedom Pals will do everything in their power to rescue the New Kid's kidnapped parents. However, once thwarting Mitch Conner's plan becomes the more pressing concern, rescuing the New Kid's parents is seemingly forgotten about.

Scott Malkinson

In South Park: The Stick of Truth, the ranger Scott tends the stables of Kupa Keep, taking over the running of the shop after Clyde is banished from space and time, and is the New Kid's sparring partner as they learn to "Cup-a-Spell." Scott stays behind to guard the base during the attack on the Inn of the Giggling Donkey, advising the New Kid to stock up on supplies before heading out. Later, during the climax of the attack on the school, Scott expresses his gladness to see "Commander Douchebag" alive and well, regardless of which side the New Kid is currently fighting for.


Scott and the New Kid encountering the drunk Randy damaging his car.

In South Park: The Fractured But Whole, Captain Diabetes has the New Kid assigned to him as his sidekick during his mission to the Peppermint Hippo to locate the "girl with the dick tattoo," and does his best to be a good mentor to the aspiring superhero, despite being only a provisional member of the Coon and Friends himself. The New Kid saves Captain Diabetes' life by discovering "TimeFart Glitch," using it to rewind time to before he dies of diabetic shock, unlocks the true power of Captain Diabetes' "Diabetic Rage" ability, helping him realize the real reason The Coon told him a fart during childbirth gave him diabetes, and finally defends him from a Red Wine-Drunk Randy. Captain Diabetes promotes the New Kid from "sidekick" to "partner."

Bradley Biggle

In the South Park: The Fractured But Whole DLC "Bring the Crunch" the hashtags in their selfie imply the New Kid is very uneasy with the fact that Bradley's kind enslaves aliens on their planet.

Goth Kids


The New Kid proving their non-conformity by smoking and drinking coffee in goth clothes.

In South Park: The Stick of Truth, the Goth Kids are an important part in the "Gain New Allies" quest. The New Kid would have to recruit them to the army for the coming attack, however, the Goth Kids believe the New Kid would have to prove to be a non-conformist to take part in the game. Due to that fact, the New Kid must work hard to make sure they are non-conforming. When it's all done, the Goth Kids accept the New Kid into their community.

In South Park: The Fractured But Whole, the Goth Kids have little role in the story, nothing apart from a minor role during a side quest. However, Henrietta plays a major role in the DLC "From Dusk till Casa Bonita".

Randy Marsh


The New Kid meets Randy when they are abducted by aliens.

The New Kid befriends Randy when they are abducted by Visitors, and is almost probed, but the New Kid uses the Dragon Shout ability that Cartman taught them in order to burn out and break off the probe. Randy then asks them if this is their first time being probed, and tells them that they have an incredible control of their asshole. Later, the New Kid saves Randy from the aliens and Randy says to consider him a friend. After the incident, the New Kid and Randy encounter each other several times in South Park. Randy decides to assist the New Kid by improving their farting skills, and teaches them a fart called 'The Sneaky Squeaker'. When the New Kid successfully learns this by practicing on Mr. Mackey, Randy tells them to sneak inside Taco Bell and see what they are up to in there, by using the newly taught ability, and then report back to him. When Randy is encountered by the New Kid again near the end of the game, he greets them with "It's my favorite kid!" running right past his son, Stan. Like Cartman, Randy warns the New Kid to never fart on anyone's balls.

In South Park: The Fractured But Whole, Randy asks the New Kid to find out who has been keying his car. The night after the request, however, it is revealed that he was really the person who committed the vandalism. Having his keys confiscated by Captain Diabetes, he goes on a rampage with red wine drunk and becomes the final boss of the first night. Outside of this, he stays drunk during the day and supports Mitch Connor.

In South Park: Snow Day!, the player encounters Randy during the first chapter of the game, where Randy is stuck behind an ice wall holding a bunch of toilet paper. Eventually the New Kid gets gas and keys to crash a vehicle into the ice wall, freeing Randy. Later at the end of "The Test of Strength" he interrupts the boss battle against Stan and joins his son so he can keep the toilet paper. After his son looses the battle, he begs to the New Kid not to take away their toilet paper, only for Stephen Stotch to suddenly take it and run away.

Annie Knitts


Annie after being saved by the New Kid.

The New Kid saves Annie from a trio of bully girls, rescuing her Justin Bieber doll, earning her friendship and her favor in the process. When the New Kid needs to recruit the girls, Annie returns this favor by agreeing to lead them to and from the girls' secret base, vouching for the New Kid and suggesting that they be the one to solve the girls' latest crisis in exchange for the girls joining the game.

Monica Ryland

In order to recruit the girls to join their team, the New Kid has to fulfill Wendy's request to assume the role of Bebe's boyfriend from Lakewood, and ask Monica Ryland what the best thing to get for Bebe's birthday would be, to see if Monica is a two-faced bitch or not. When the two meet, Monica tells the New Kid that Bebe is a little two-faced, and then says she read a lot of their Facebook profile and that she thinks they are a really interesting boy, which leads to Wendy, Bebe, and Red confronting her with accusations. They bring Monica's boyfriend, Jake, to her for payback, but when Monica runs away, Jake asks the New Kid, "Whats the big idea trying to fuck my girlfriend?" This leads to the New Kid and Jake fighting. After that, Monica apologizes to the New Kid about Jake flipping out and tells them she'd still love to be friends. It turns out she was not the one who was spreading rumors about Allie Nelson going to the abortion clinic.

Security Guard


The guard pepper-spraying the New Kid in Gate Crasher.

When the New Kid attempts to gain entry to Tolkien's house, the security guard does not hesitate to pepper-spray the New Kid. Before their next encounter, the New Kid buys a gas mask and the security guard is no longer able to incapacitate them. After defeating the security guard in combat, the New Kid will from then on be told to move along, as the security could not look at them without deep feelings of personal shame.

Upon their next attempt to enter Tolkien's house, the security guard ambushes the New Kid on the front lawn, declaring that he will not be humiliated again, calling in a pack of guard dogs and an additional pair of guards as a backup. His efforts prove in vain however, he is once again defeated and not seen again.

Mitch Conner

Mitch Conner, his criminal enterprises each dismantled, takes a personal interest in the New Kid's abilities. Having failed to assassinate the New Kid, he holds their kidnapped parents to ransom for the New Kid using their followers to rally support for Conner's mayoral campaign. After several confrontations and TimeFart mishaps, which leave the New Kid and the Freedom Pals unable to prevent Conner's inauguration, trapped in the nightmare future his plans have created, and drawn into combat with their past selves, the Freedom Pals finally corner Conner, who forces the New Kid to TimeFart them both into the New Kid's backstory. There, Conner attempts to prevent the New Kid from becoming a superhero but instead leads them to discover their true backstory, learn to believe in themself, and thwart Conner's plot once and for all.


In South Park: The Stick of Truth, beyond their gradual integration into the other kids the others generally accept the player character. However, player characters will receive verbal abuse and snide remarks from passersby based on their appearance.

In South Park: The Fractured But Whole, the New Kid has gained heightened status from their exploits at the end of the previous game but this is promptly lost. However, they are soon included in the new game the kids play involving superheroes.

Also in this game, the player has the opportunity to select their character's background including gender. If they decide to play as a cisgender female, it is revealed that "everyone", meaning the whole town bar the New Kid's family, had thought they were male. This plays into a gag that they are still treated as a male character, alluding to the previous game. Sometimes this is subtly broken, as a few male children will sometimes utter lines alluding to their "true" gender of the playthrough, such as Butters complimenting their appearance and Clyde sexually harassing them verbally.


  • Eric Cartman: "Let's ask Douchebag! What do you wanna play next, dude?"
    The New Kid: "...Screw you guys. I'm going home."
    Eric Cartman: "Wow. What a dick."
  • Kyle: "So... you're the new kid everyone is talking about. What's your name?"
    The New Kid: "..."
    Black-Haired Elf: "He doesn't talk, Elf King, he thinks he's hot shit or something."
  • Wendy Testaburger: "What request do the boys ask of us?"
    The New Kid: "..."
    Annie Knitts: "He... doesn't really talk."
    Bebe Stevens: "...That's hot!"
  • Mr Hankey: "And down here, everyday is Christmas. So when I say "Howdy-ho," you say "Howdy-ho, Mr. Hankey." Now give it a try. Howdy-ho!"
    The New Kid: "..."
    Mr Hankey: "Hm, guess they let anybody in the Sewers these days."


  • In South Park: Phone Destroyer, New Kid is referred to using he/him pronouns, even if customized as a female.
  • Dovahkiin is a reference to the playable protagonist of the 2011 video game, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. "Dovahkiin" translates to "Dragonborn". Skyrim was developed and published by Bethesda. A previous promotion for Skyrim had Bethesda offering free Bethesda games for life if someone named their child "Dovahkiin", and the New Kid's name is possibly a reference to this.
  • In The Fractured But Whole, the hair choices for New Kid are reused hair from characters that have appeared in episodes of the series, such as; Mike Cooper, Nancy, Bridon Gueermo, and Nichole.
  • According to the description in the "Tech" component, the New Kid sleeps through science classes. Though it could be because they already acquired the knowledge, as seen in the scanning process, they have much understanding in higher science.
  • During The Stick of Truth, regardless of what the New Kid's hair actually looks like, residents in South Park (including the New Kid's parents) will often mock them of their haircut. While in The Fractured But Whole, the ridicule continued, but the target will be switched to their clothes.
    • In The Fractured But Whole, if the New Kid's head is bald, the section will have the title of "Unequipped", implying that the New Kid has removed all of their hair sometime between the two games.
  • In The Stick Of Truth, when the Underpants Gnomes are taking the New Kid's underwear at night, if one looks closely, the New Kid appears to sneeze, which gets their attention.
  • In The Fractured But Whole, a glitch often occurs when another person is hurt in combat, in this case, the lines will not be different, but the New Kid's lips will be moving accordingly and not the victim. The result is that the New Kid will be seemingly responding to the attack.
  • In The Fractured But Whole, "Backstory You", along with other summoned allies, has a deep male adult voice when attacked. This was later patched in an update.
  • The New Kid has been considered to be "adorable" by kids, adults and elderly people across town.
Titlecard king王

Note that this picture has been modified with more light, intended for viewer being able to see their face easily

  • The Almighty King Douchebag is likely a white kid with brown hair by default, as shown in the "Ancient Myths" and the pre-combat picture of "Heavy Hitters". A scrapped title card intended for the battle versus the Almighty King Douchebag also agrees with this form.
  • When using Fastpass' fast travel in South Park: The Fractured but Whole, the New Kid has a chance to vomit after reaching their destination.


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