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"The Miracle Worker" is a play performed in the Season Four episode, "Helen Keller! The Musical".


The fourth grade students try to out perform the kindergartners for the best elementary school Thanksgiving play. The children hire a professional actor, named Jeffery Maynard, and raise the budget of the original play to include songs, dancing, special water effects, and stunt turkey.

About the Play

The Miracle Worker is a play based on the autobiography of Helen Kellers life called, The Story About My Life. The play was written by William Gibson in 1957 and premiered in 1959.



"1800's Alabama"

1800's, Alabama! What a great place and time!
We're so happy that we live in 1800's Alabama 'cause it's sunny and there is no crime!

And in this little town in 1800's Alabama there's a family by the name of Keller!
Their daughter's deaf and mute and blind as a bat, and her parents can't even tell her!

"Water Helen Water"

She did it! She did it! Water! Water water!
Water, Helen, Water.
We can't believe she did it. The dumb kid really did it.
Water, Helen, Water.

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