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"The Losing Edge"
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Episode no. Season 9
Episode 5
Production no. 905
Original airdate April 6, 2005
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"The Losing Edge" is the fifth episode of Season Nine, and the 130th overall episode of South Park. It aired on April 6, 2005.[1]


The kids desperately want an end to the boring baseball season. The problem is, they keep winning.[1]


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The boys of South Park, involved in Little League, play the game due to the enthusiasm of their parents despite their hatred for the sport. After winning their final game they begin to celebrate the season being over, but then discover that they have to continue playing in the state championship. Since the tournament is single elimination, the boys decide to throw their next game to have their summer free to enjoy. Unfortunately, every other team in the league shares their hatred for baseball and is trying to do the same thing. Despite the boys' best efforts to lose, they continue to win, defeating every other team until only South Park and Denver remain.

Randy, Stan's father, gets drunk and trash talks the opposing teams, inciting fights with other fathers at every game. While everyone else sees Randy's fights as obnoxious and distracting, he views them as the most important part of the game. Randy continues to fight through all the drunk and obnoxious fathers with confidence until he meets a father of one of the Denver players; "Bat Dad". Bat Dad, who wears a purple Batman cowl and cape, intimidates Randy with his larger size and aggressive attitude. Randy decides not to attend his son's game against Denver.

Fearful that if they win they will have to play baseball the whole summer in the national circuit, Cartman suggests that they find the worst player possible to join their team to ensure defeat. The South Park team drafts Kyle's stereotypically Jewish cousin, Kyle Schwartz (distinguished in a previous episode as "Kyle One") to join their team, knowing he is terrible at every sport. This fails to work as the other team has practiced and became "really good at sucking" and can even "bat themselves out" by hitting South Park pitches directly into the fielders' gloves.

Just as it seems the South Park team is sure to win, Randy shows up and begins harassing Bat Dad. The two get into a fight, which Randy nearly loses, and the announcers and umpires declare that if they continue to fight their teams will be disqualified. Stan and his team, who want Randy to force their disqualification, begin to chant for him. Due to this encouragement, as well as some from other illusionary people in his head (including Mickey Goldmill from Rocky), Randy keeps fighting and the South Park team is disqualified. As he is led away in handcuffs by the police in his underwear, Stan tells his father, "You're the greatest". Hearing this, Randy jumps for joy as the song "You're the Best" plays, and the episode ends in a freeze-frame.


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