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The Hundred Hands of Chaos is a story mission in South Park: The Fractured But Whole.

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Plot details follow.


Head to the U-STOR-IT and put an end to Chaos once and for all!


Once you wake up, the mission will begin. Start by going downstairs. Use the TimeFart Pause to reach the couch and grab the gold key. Then, use Snap N Pops to knock the silver key down below the staircase. Lastly, grab the copper key out of your dad's hands before using them to unlock the front door.

Follow Toolshed to reach Kenny's House. As you enter, look for the “Beer” sign on the back wall. Hit it with some Snap N Pops to pick up the Fuse of High Tolerance.

Then, go upstairs. Head into the room on the left to find the Starchild Costume Set in the drawer to the left and the Happy Return Yaoi Art piece hanging on the wall to the right.

Next, go in the room to the right to enter Kenny’s room. Interact with the bedside drawer to pick up the Mysterion Character Sheet. Next, head through the closet and use the switch to exit the house.

Before passing by the red bricks, pull the grill over to the caution taped part of the fence. Use Snap N Pops and throw a fart to blow a hole here. Go behind the fence to the left to find the Scar Wound accent makeup.

Then, continue forward and use the Sandblaster to clear the red lego bricks. In this next area, you will encounter some bums. You do need to fight them in order to proceed. Here, you will get a taste of Toolshed’s powers. This fight is set up nicely to use his Spiral Power and Drillslinger moves. This fight shouldn’t be too hard.

Try and focus on one pair of bums before taking out the next group to ensure an easy victory. You will be rewarded with the Sanity Siphon artifact and the Primal Aggression DNA.

Note: Before passing thorugh the cardboard box, be sure to pick up the Yaoi Art Piece: Tongue in Tweek on the orange tent.

Then, continue forward to reach the red bricks blocking the U-STOR-IT facility. After the cutscene, loot the duffle bag at the back before entering the “closed” office just ahead. Loot the duffle bag in here and use Snap N Pops to get the key high above. Then, go back into the employee lounge. Loot the cooler here to find the Champion Suit.

Continue forward to reach another cutscene. Then, before passing through the open garage, open the garage door with a large "Chaos" painted onto it. Once inside, pull the fireworks toward the broken clock. Use Snap N Pops to destroy the clock and reveal a chest holding the Pencil Stache facial hair. Then, climb the ladder to reach the box up to the left to find the Continuum Enforcer artifact. You can also move the fireworks to the right to blow up the case and get some extra cloth for crafting.

Now, go through the open door to eventually reach a block in the road. Use the Diabetic Rage Buddy Power to clear the tank in the way. Cross past this obstacle. Then, use TimeFart Glitch to continue forward. Loot the duffle bag before continuing to the next screen.

In this next area, don't interact with the object in the middle. First, go to the top and loot the storage unit. Then, touch the mask in the center to continue.

Here, you will be ambushed by some Chaos minions and their canine companions. For this fight, focus on the dogs first. They have the ability to do the most damage.

Finish this battle to immediately engage in another. This time, you will fight Professor Chaos’ paid workers. Although there are many of them, they take little work to finish off. Try and focus on defeating a few of them at a time, instead of taking them all on at once.

After the battle, go right to access the next storage unit. Climb the boxes a the back to reach a box containing a costume. Then, use TimeFart Pause to reach the switch powering the laser at the back. Next, pull the TNT box to the back by the crack in the wall. Then, use Snap N Pops to blow a hole in the wall.

In this next area, use Fartkour to hop over the wall. Walk over to the right and descend the ladder. Use Snap N Pops to drop the ladder down to reach the ground. Open the storage unit door to unveil two containers. Loot the first one on the ground. Then, climb back up the ladder. Use TimeFart Rewind to keep climbing. Descend the left ladder to reach the box containing the Face Tendrils facial hair. Continue to the right to reach another cutscene.

Before progressing to the next screen, feel free to stock up on healing items and revives at the vending machine here. After that, go right. When you reach the obstacle, move the box into the gap in the path to reach the next area. Here, you will fight General Disarray.

The goal of this fight is only to knock out General Disarray. Although his minions will give you a tough time, focus your efforts on knocking him out at all costs. Also, after your first round of attacks, a timer will appear at the bottom of the screen. This meter will fill while you are dormant during your turn. So, be sure to move your characters out of the way quickly.

Continue to press forward and attack Disarray. Soon, he will lower a double minion. As much as you can, stay away! This enemy does a high amount of damage even though his moves are limited. Continue the attack on General Disarray while avoiding the telegraphed attacks to ensure victory. As a reward, you will obtain the Diabolic Inscription artifact and The Ginger Sense DNA strand.

After the cutscene, use Inspection mode and interact with the lava to discover a new buddy power: Sandblaster. Now, you can clear any red bricks in the game. Next, climb the ladders to reach the next area.

On the roof, blow away the red bricks. Then, hit the top right and bottom left boards with some Snap N Pops. Once you reach the top, use Fartkour to continue. Follow the path to the left, looting along the way. Then, take the ladder down. Use the Sandblaster buddy power to clear the red bricks here. Loot the duffle bag at the back before continuing to the right.

Next, head inside the storage unit at the back. Use TimeFart Pause to reach the chest at the back containing the Trinity of Reflection artifact.

Back in the main area, continue moving right, looting along the way. Soon, you will reach another battle, this time with Meth Heads.

The main battle mechanic to be aware of is the explosive barrels. They explode in a "+" pattern, one square in each direction. These can be very usual when using a character who can target them, like Call Girl and Toolshed.

Stay away from these containers yourself to give yourself an advantage. Finish the battle to receive a Chessing Vial and the Filter Mask costume.

Move to the right to enter another battle. Before the fight begins. Use Inspection mode and interact with the pipe to blow the fireworks down. Then, use Snap N Pops to blow them up. This will initiate the battle. Here, you'll want to avoid the Chaos Turrets. Feel free to leave them be while you focus on the Chaos minions. Soon, more will appear behind you. Take out this first group and some Chaos dogs will arrive, shortly followed by a Chaos Tank.

Again, stay as far away as possible from the tank to avoid taking big damage. Finish the battle to receive The Agonizer of Gaia artifact.

Next, use the Sandblaster to remove the lava. Then, you will encounter Professor Chaos himself, equipped with his Mecha Minion Chaos Supreme!

This boss fight is very long with multiple stages. For this first round, start by spreading out your team. Chaos will rain down several missiles which can deal massive damage if your group is clumped together. Finish off this health bar and he will change forms. He will also summon several medics on the opposite side of the battlefield.

Again, keep your team spread out to avoid AOE damage. Focus all your attacks on the medics. Any damage you do to Chaos will be long-ranged healed by them. Take them all out before moving to Professor Chaos. Finish off this health bar to engage the final form.

This is a much more mobile transformation. Again, keep your team from clumping together. Take down this health pool to finish to fight and earn Butters' Garage Key, Supreme Fist of Chaos artifact, and the Chaos Suit costume.

After the cutscene, you'll spawn in the Coon Lair. Sit down at the table to finish this mission and start your next, The Chaos Gambit.

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