The History Channel is an educational cable television network seen in the Season Fifteen episode, "A History Channel Thanksgiving".


The History Channel is known for its historical documentaries, however, it has begun diverging from that, showing programs such as MonsterQuest, Ancient Aliens, and other shows based on sensationalism over real history.

"I'm a Little Bit Country"

The channel was first mentioned in the Season Seven episode, "I'm a Little Bit Country". Mr. Garrison assigned a homework assignment about the founding fathers and the history of the United States of America. Instead of studying, Eric Cartman tried to force himself to have flashbacks to the era of 1776. After various failed attempts, he used a TiVo to record fifty hours of the History Channel. He then electrocuted himself in a bathtub, using the TiVo, in order to induce a flashback.

"A History Channel Thanksgiving"

Cartman once again tries to use The History Channel as a study aid for a class assignment about the Pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving. The channel showed an alternative view than that of real history, claiming aliens from outer space brought the holiday to our world. The History Channel network President, and his agents, interrogate the boys after learning about what they saw on his own channel. When the alien story is proven real, with the presence of Miles Standish from the Planet of Plymouth, only Kyle Broflovski and Natalie Portman can send Miles back to recover the Stuffing Mines from the Indians of the Planet Indi, thus saving Thanksgiving.

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