The Fat Abbott show.

Fat Abbott is an animated TV show that appears in the South Park episode "Clubhouses". The show is an obvious parody of the Bill Cosby animated show Fat Albert.

Like the original Fat Albert show, the Fat Abbott show is about a group of lower-to-middle-class African American inner city kids and their horribly obese leader (the eponymous Fat Abbot), who hang out in the local junkyard and who spend their time dealing with the numerous problems that arise in their lives.

Unlike the original show however, the Fat Abbott kids are foul-mouthed, gun carrying, street punk hoodlums, who go around pulling their guns out and threatening to kill one another on a regular basis. They all swear profusely and they seem to be involved in numerous criminal acts, including drugs and prostitution.

The show aims to teach kids how to handle their everyday lives and give moral lessons. These lessons are, however, horribly flawed. For example, during one episode, a girl goes to Fat Abbott asking for help involving an abusive stepfather. Abbott's advice is to snag that "bitch-ass" stepfather in a bear trap. Stan Marsh uses this approach on his own stepfather Roy, allowing his parents Randy and Sharon to reconcile.


  • The Fat Abbott was intended to be in South Park Rally,  But later he was scrapped.
    • Two files named fatabbott.rbh and fatabbott.vram can be found in the game folder.
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