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"The F Word"
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Episode no. Season 13
Episode 12
Production no. 1312
Original airdate November 4, 2009
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"The F Word" is the 12th episode of Season Thirteen and the 193rd overall episode of South Park. It aired on November 4, 2009.[1]


The boys fight back against the loud and obnoxious Motorcycle Riders that are disrupting everyone in South Park.[1]


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While trying to enjoy a nice quiet day to themselves, the boys, as well as the citizens of South Park, grow increasingly more troubled and annoyed by a large group of Harley Riders who frequently drive throughout the town on their motorcycles causing as much noise as possible. The riders turn out to be attention whores who deliberately drive around town loudly under the false assumption that the loud noise and obnoxious behavior will cause people to think they are cool. Their desire for attention is so intense that they even start making the engine sounds with their mouths while not riding their bikes and continue to do so even when they are. Finally fed up, Cartman confronts the bikers and informs them that no one thinks they're cool, but instead, everyone thinks they are "total faggots".

The bikers, refusing to believe this, drive around town only to be called fags by every child they come across, including Ike Broflovski. Unable to comprehend why the kids don't think they are cool, the leader of the Riders, comes to the realization that kids nowadays are surrounded by loud things all the time and that their biker group will just have to turn up the noise. As such, they trick-out their motorcycles with anything that can make loud, obnoxious sounds, ranging from horns to live chickens to make their bikes louder. This pushes the boys into taking action, and along with Clyde, Tolkien, Butters, and Jimmy, they assemble a plot out to take-down the Harley Riders. Butters, however, is confused that the boys would want to do such a thing, as he himself wants to be a Harley Rider in the hopes of getting attention. Stan immediately dismisses Butters, and they continue with their planning process. While Stan and Kyle intend to spray paint "Fags get out" on several buildings around town, Cartman and Clyde, plan to defecate on all Harley Riders seats, after having eaten nothing but K.F.C. The final touch to Cartman's plan involves planting little flags in the piles of shit, that call the Riders "fags".

The plan works in making the Riders uncomfortable, but it has an inadvertent effect on the gay population. Big Gay Al and Mr. Slave see the "Fags get out" messages, and assume it is aimed at homosexuals. The school board, the mayor, and local homosexuals become outraged by the graffiti and take it as a homophobic message. The mayor address South Park Elementary for answers and the boys proudly admit to being the ones responsible, which shocks the adults. However, the boys go on to explain that their use of the word fag was not aimed at homosexuals, but rather the Harley Riders citing "You can be gay and not a fag."

The boys pressure the town hall to recognize the word, "fag", as it is used nowadays, for a contemptible and inconsiderate person who normally rides a Harley-Davidson, and 'bike-curious' refers to someone who doesn't own a Harley but wants to. The city leaders find the boys' argument to make a lot of sense, and even the gay community, led by Big Gay Al, supports the boys, resulting in an ordinance being passed in South Park allowing for the word to be used in connection with the new meaning. Unfortunately, the decision is met with negative publicity from the rest of the nation, who say that as long as the word still defines homosexuals in the dictionary then South Park is just going to be seen as anti-progressive and homophobic.

Facing pressure from the mayor, the boys decide to expand their movement with the help of the English Dictionary Officiates, led by Emmanuel Lewis. An event is held, but the Harley riders do not want the word to be officially associated with them. The riders come together and riot, attempting to crash the event, to stop the change. After having inflicted massive damage to the town and frightening off the rallying citizens, they corner the boys in an alley. They threateningly ask the boys if they still think they're fags, to which the frightened boys say "yes, you are complete fags". The boys are confused that the Harley Riders don't want to be called fags but are behaving like faggots. Butters then steps forward to try and explain the beauty of being a Harley Rider, but it has little effect on the boys. Before the boys are killed by the riders, South Park's homosexual citizens and advocates step in and turn their guns on the Riders ordering them to leave the boys alone and get out of town. In the end, the riders ultimately accept being called "fags", and attempt to claim it as a badge of honor rather than an insult.

Emmanuel Lewis, badly injured from the riot, declares the decision to have the definition changed. The town rejoices and celebrates, and the show cuts to the updated definition of "fag", which reads: "Fag (făg) n. 1. An extremely annoying, inconsiderate person most commonly associated with Harley riders. 2. A person who owns or frequently rides a Harley."


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