• Stan Marsh
  • Kyle Broflovski
  • Eric Cartman
  • Butters Stotch
  • Heidi Turner
  • Kenny McCormick
  • Craig Tucker
  • Token Black
  • Kevin Stoley
  • Jimmy Valmer
  • Gerald Broflovski
  • Sheila Broflovski
  • Ike Broflovski
  • Laura Tucker
  • President Garrison
  • General Revaur
  • Military Officer
  • Elon Musk
  • Aids 2 and 3
  • Female Engineers
  • Dick Slapperman
  • Lennart Bedrager
  • Dane 2
  • Bill Keegan
  • Field Reporter
  • Mr. Beckett
  • NSA Agents
  • Pentagon Staffers 4 and 5
  • Women on Mars


The End of Serialization as We Know It
The Pentagon, President-Elect Garrison is approached by two members of the military.
General Revaur
Mr. President? Russians are scrambling bombers to attack Denmark. NATO wants to know how we intend to stop them. Mr. President?...Mr. President you can't just sit there with your "stank face".
Mr. Garrison
Iah-uhk-uh-I cain't?
Military Officer
The TrollTrace website is set to go online in less than fifteen minutes, the world is in complete chaos!
NSA Agent
[From a nearby workstation.] Sir, someone is leading a coordinated cyber strike on the TrollTrace website.
Mr. Garrison
[Joyously.] A cyber attack, well that's good! Where's it comin' from?
NSA Agent
It could be Russian, we don't know. Whoever this troll is, he's pretty fucking hardcore sir.
Broflovski Residence. Kyle sits in Gerald's office typing away, a can of Sprite nearby. "Smokin'" by the rock band "Boston" plays loudly.
Okay, okay, Token? Token are you there?
Token pops up in a Skype window on the computer.
I'm here, what's this about Kyle?
I can't tell you dude, I just need your


help...Please, my life depends


on it.
Okay, okay sure.

I feel alright, mamma...


I'm not jokin', yeah

I need you to tell me the worst thing I can say on the United Negro College Fund website to piss off black people.
Token, please! There's no time to explain!
Beyonce ain't nothin' but a Taylor Swift ripoff.
That helps thank you.
Kyle closes Token's window and brings up Craig and Tweek.
Tweek, Craig, I need you to get on the GLAAD website and respond to all the horrible shit I just said about gay people.
Why'd you say horrible shit about gay people?
It's not important, just get on it and respond.
A popup appears, Stan Marsh is ringing Kyle on Skype. Kyle closes, Tweek and Craig, and brings Stan up.
[To Tweek & Craig.] Hang on. [To Stan.] Stan! Finally. Dude I need everybody online now!
For what?
Dude, there's no time to explain, you gotta go out and get everybody, tell them to get on their computers, go!
[Pumped up] Okay!
Kyle closes Stan's window and brings up Jimmy Valmer.
Jimmy, what's the worst possible thing you could say on a website for handicapped Syrian refugees?
Wuh-Wuh-Waddle back to Syria you desert-tard. [Jimmy smiles gleefully]
A door is nailed shut by numerous pieces of wood and the door handle is wedged securely with a chair. On the other side, someone is trapped, jostling the handle and shaking the door.
You boys...better not be on that computaaaaaaah! I'll make you pay for this. You locked your mother in the pantry? I'll lock you in your rooms forevaaah.
TrollTrace Headquarters. Gerald is locked in the conference room. Risk Astley is still blaring over the large television.

Never gonna give, never gonna give, give you up
Never gonna give, never gonna give, give you up
We've known each other,

Static interrupts the song.

for so long

Static interrupts again and Dildo Shwaggins is seen.

Dildo Shwaggins
Dildo Shwaggins
Skankhunt, can you hear me?
End of The End of Serialization as We Know It
  2010: "The End of Serialization as We Know It" edit
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