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"The Damned"
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Episode no. Season 20
Episode 03
Production no. 2003
Original airdate September 28, 2016
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`"The Damned" is the third episode of Season Twenty, and the 270th overall episode of South Park. It aired on September 28, 2016.[1]


Gerald is thrilled with the media attention as he continues to troll everyone and anyone.[1]


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Plot details follow.

The episode starts with a talk show called Simply Heidi with Freja Ollegard. They are discussing internet trolling as Gerald leaves comments on the show's comment page under various offensive usernames, which are then read on the air. Gerald celebrates his successful trolling in his office.

The South Park police ring the doorbell at the Broflovski residence. Gerald opens the door and immediately becomes anxious as the police question him about Eric Cartman quitting Twitter. Gerald calls Kyle down, who becomes even more nervous than Gerald. Kyle goes to his room and gets on a Skype call with Clyde, Tolkien, Craig, Butters, and Jimmy who are all freaked out that the police have arrived at Kyle's house to find out why Cartman isn't on Twitter anymore.

At his house, Stan is sitting on his bed, looking on his iPhone at pictures of good times with Wendy as rain falls outside. Randy comes in and starts to discuss the Giant Douche and Turd Sandwich battle and the recent society that has plagued South Park.

At the presidential debate, Hillary Clinton (Turd Sandwich) is discussing with her advisers about how to proceed.

The presidential debate is then shown, as Lester Holt starts to ask questions to Mr. Garrison (Giant Douche). He answers honestly and says he has no idea what he is doing and he encourages people to vote for Turd Sandwich. Turd Sandwich continues to repeat the lines "My opponent is a liar and can not be trusted". Her team and Garrison become frustrated by her stupidity.

Back at school, PC Principal has called in the boys regarding Cartman's sudden disappearance from Twitter. He says that the town is under attack and that they must get to the bottom of the trolling immediately.

Cartman is then shown walking the hallways when Heidi calls his name out. She is seen a long distance away from him, not moving as she motions him to come with her.

Cartman and Heidi then walk to the park, where other people who have quit social media are gathering at. A couple drives by as the man in the car records them on his phone.

At Skeeter's Wine Bar, Randy storms in demanding to know why people are voting for Giant Douche. Stephen Stotch and Randy then start to discuss the changes that Giant Douche could bring to the country.

At his rally, Garrison is trying to beg people not to vote for him, but more and more people continue to cheer and are impressed by his honesty.

Ike is on his computer at home when Gerald comes into having a conversation. He acts smug as he updates Ike on how Skankhunt42 is firing back against Freja Ollegard.

Back at the park, Heidi and Cartman are sitting on a bench. Heidi apologizes to Cartman for falsely accusing him of being Skankhunt42 and then they start to talk to each other about how women are funny and Heidi asks if he misses his friends, to which Cartman replies that he has no friends. Heidi responds with "You do now".

At another Giant Douche rally, Newt Gingrich welcomes Garrison out onto the stage. As Garrison walks out, his supporters are happy while he himself looks disappointed.

He starts to call everybody "pieces of shit" and says that he will lose faith in humanity if he is elected. Randy is seen watching his rally at home and begins to like him.

Back at Skeeters Wine Bar, a news report on the TV says that Freja Ollegard has once again been attacked by Skankhunt, which at first pleases Gerald, but is immediately thrown into a state of shock when the news reveal that the former Olympian had committed suicide. Gerald rushes into a bathroom stall freaking out.

Randy visits Stephen Stotch at home and tells him that he had decided to vote for Giant Douche. Stephen, having changed his mind about the candidate, becomes flustered. To ease the tension, they go to have member berry pie.

An aerial shot of South Park is shown that zooms out to the United States, and then to Denmark. A funeral is taking place for Ollegard, where Lennart Bedrager holds a eulogy and announces that Denmark is going after Skankhunt42.

Cartman and Heidi are back at the park; they begin to talk again. Cartman asks Heidi about how she gets by without any followers. Heidi mentions how she used to show her Twitter followers everything she did. Cartman asks her, "You want to go somewhere? I'll follow you."

Randy drives over to a farm and inquires Old Farmer about Memberberries. He notes that in order to make room for the plethora of member berries, he was forced to discontinue various other crops.

As Gerald leaves the market, he notices a note on his car telling him that someone knows his secret. He freaks out and initiates "Protocol Zero."

He starts to clear out his phone history and smashes it with a hammer as he races home. He starts to delete files off of his computer and then destroys the machine. He puts the hard drive into a briefcase and launches it into Stark's Pond. He returns home as he sits down with Sheila, trying to act calm in a fit of exhaustion.

Having realized Ike's computer might have evidence of his misdeeds, he runs to Ike's room. He starts to review the data when he receives an email that reads "I know who you are." Gerald then questions Ike, believing he may know the secret. By the time he looks back at the computer, a new alert is received saying "Meet me under the Freemont Bridge. 9am. .tomorrow."

Heidi and Cartman are at M Burgers and are starting to really like each other and realize that life outside social media isn't at all bad. Cartman asks if girls have balls, and asks what is at the bottom of a vagina. Heidi responds by offering to show him, much to the extreme shock of Cartman.

Critical Reception[]

AV Club gave "The Damned" a "B-" rating saying: "Granted, this is South Park, and its version of reality is always going to be exaggerated, but that’s exactly the problem with “The Damned.” Because of its close proximity to the actual debate; because it never reaches the comically absurd heights of other down-to-the-wire episodes like “About Last Night,” it feels like Parker and Stone are very much intending to comment on events that happened just two nights ago. But the commentary feels a bit off—lumpy when it should be razor-sharp."[2]

IGN gave "The Damned" a "7.4" rating saying: "This week's episode tackled a huge amount of material, but to generally better results than the overstuffed premiere episode. Mr. Garrison's wildly successful Presidential campaign was the highlight this week, and it was nice to see stronger connections being forged among the various ongoing plot threads. However, with so much emphasis on continuity there's not really enough to distinguish one new episode from the next right now. There has to be a middle ground between telling a serialized story and allowing each episode to carve its own niche."[3]


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