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This page contains trivia for "The Coon". Remember, trivia must be factual, provable, and it is always best to cite your source for not-so-obvious trivia. If you would like to dispute a trivia point, please discuss it in the article comments.


  • Cartman's superhero name derives from the raccoon mammal. "Coon" is also a racial slur for black people, which is ironic because Cartman is a racist.
  • People finally seem to have noticed Professor Chaos and General Disarray - they are able to identify them from a distance when they fight Mysterion.
  • This episode makes a reference to Barack Obama's election, while describing the crime running rampant: "Then a black man was elected as president, he was supposed to make things change. They didn't." A Barack Obama "Change" Poster is seen with graffiti underneath reading "When?"
  • Cartman also refers the economic recession as a reason for why crime is going up.
  • The news clip about Mysterion is a reference to the news clip of a leprechaun sighting in Mobile, Alabama.
  • Cartman purchases detonators and dynamite at Ace Hardware.
  • A clip from this episode was re-created for Cartman's line in the opening theme for Season 14.
  • When Cartman is at the Coonicon a man that works at the Airport Hilton makes references to "Ginger Kids" and "Tonsil Trouble".
  • Cartman exclaims, "fucking bitch" when Wendy asks how he knows Mysterion is a boy, in a manner that he realizes that it could be a girl just as well. However, after this, he does not seem to show any interest in the theory that Mysterion is a girl, and neither does Butters as Professor Chaos.
  • This is Liane Cartman's only speaking appearance in Season 13.

References to Popular Culture

  • The Coon is a large reference to dark-themed superhero movies such as Watchmen and The Dark Knight, but movies such as Spider-Man 3 and The Spirit are also referenced.
  • The monologue The Coon recites at the beginning of the episode heavily references Rorschach's from the graphic novel and adaption film, Watchmen, most notably the comparison of the city to a "dying whore" and Rorschach's statement about a former superheroine being a "bloated, aging whore".
  • The music used is inspired by scores by Hans Zimmer, who produced the musical score for Batman Begins (2005) and The Dark Knight.
  • The Coon and Mysterion use deep, scratchy voices similar to what Christian Bale used in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, or Jakie Earl Hayley's portrayal of Rorschach in Watchmen.
  • Cartman and Mysterion both refer themselves as "The Symbol this town needs", a line used in The Dark Knight.
  • Cartman tells Butters/Professor Chaos to make a video demanding Mysterion to reveal his identity or have a hospital blown up. This is a reference to The Dark Knight, where the Joker does a similar scene (although in the film the Joker threatens to blow up the hospital if Batman's identity is revealed).
  • The opening shot for "The Coon" is a reference to the beginning of Watchmen; both start out with a shot at the sidewalk and zoom out to reveal someone looking down from a skyscraper. As well as the The Spirit, as seen when running across a wire between buildings.
  • When "The Coon" is doing the Coonicon signing, there's a poster in the background that resembles Frank Miller's Batman The Dark Knight Returns Graphic Novel.

Deleted Ending

Kyle Takes the Fall

Kyle in a cell during the original ending and reveal.

Originally, Kyle dressed as and 'revealed' himself to be Mysterion on the podium to take the media heat and (minor) repercussions from the police. The real Mysterion later visited Kyle and, as a show of gratitude, revealed himself in a manner that kept the audience guessing, as in the aired version. This ending was cut very last minute, having originally made it into the episode but was deleted before airing, as proven by the DVD commentary and bonus deleted scene in some editions. It was likely cut to fit the episode into the airing slot, with the difference being that, in the true version, Mysterion is revealed to the town as opposed to just Kyle but he was not revealed to the audience in either edition.

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