The Chains of Super Craig is a story mission in the video game, "South Park: The Fractured But Whole".

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The Coon orders you to check on Super Craig because he hasn't checked in for his superhero duty yet. Once you confront Super Craig, he will tell you he isn't doing anything heroic until he finds his guinea pig, Stripe; assist Super Craig in finding him.


From Kyle’s House, head to the left to make it to the other side of town.

Note: Ignore the sixth graders blocking Main Street for now. If you approach them, they will kill you. Seriously, you will die regardless how powerful you are.

Once you reach the next block of houses, you’ll run into Bartles, a Sixth Grader, who is bullying Peter Mullen. With Human Kite by your side, who you should have recruited during Alternate Universes Collide, you should have no problem defeating him.

After beating Bartles, take a Selfie with Peter who was getting beat up and loot Jimmy’s House while you’re here in order to find a costume and a few other items. Jimmy’s parents are inside but will only take a Selfie with you on the second day after you’ve helped Jimmy.

Now continue to the left to find Craig’s House.

Note: You’ll pass Henrietta’s House, but you can’t do anything of interest here just yet, so skip it for now.

Knock on Craig’s House door to get in. Craig is missing his Guinea Pig, Stripe. Head down to the basement to help Craig find him.

In the basement, pick up a box of Snap N Pops. You will get a new ability: Snap N Pops, which will now let you blast and knock things down. This can be used with Left Mouse (PC)/'X' (Xbox)/'Square Button' (PS4) while in Inspection Mode.

Throw the Snap N Pops at the pipe twice. Stripe will fall to the ground, before running on top of a cabinet to the left. Use the Snap N Pops on the box of firecrackers next to it to set off another explosion, Stripe will run behind a basket to the right of the basement. Pull the basket and Stripe will once again make its way out, into a small vent next to Craig. Eventually, you’ll need to fart in the vent, which will cause Stripe to come out, disoriented, and be safely put back in his enclosure.

After completing the mission, Craig’s Dad will be in the living room, who can be spoken with to continue the Scavenger Hunt: The Yaoi Project.

Outside Craig’s House, punch a pile of snow to the left of it to reveal a Divine Amplifier you can pick up.

Note: With the Snap N Pops unlocked, you can now head back to Henrietta’s House to complete a small task to get Costumes. Grab Henrietta's Tome from Bradley's room, then talk to Michael. Light all the candles in the room with the Snap N Pops to summon a chest with a few costume pieces.

Once you've finished looting and exploring, head back to the Coon Lair to continue the story with the next mission, Birth of a Coon Friend.

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