The Burrito Whisperer is a story mission in the video game, "South Park: The Fractured But Whole".

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Talk with Morgan Freeman to learn about the potential crafting has.


This mission will be available once the mission "Rise of the Fourthies" is completed. If it isn't triggered beforehand, after a few character sheet missions being completed, the Coon will make a call to The New Kid, requesting a taco for him. Then the mission will be added to the list, and the guide will appear.

Take the Fast Travel point from the school to Main Street. Continue to the right from the fast travel point on Main Street to find Freeman's Tacos. Now just go into Morgan Freeman's taco joint and talk to him.

Morgan Freeman will then proceed to talk about the crafting nature, and encourage the New Kid to give it a try, open the phone and enter the Crafting APP to proceed.

He'll then guide you through crafting a burrito, and a delicious Enchirito right after, which is a mission item, and will come in handy later.

While you're still here, head into the bathroom to use the toilet and find another piece of Creek Yaoi Art. This toilet has four stars, so it won't be very easy to reach its highest level.

Once you're satisfied, and you've looted the place well, head on to your next main mission: Origins 2: New Beginnings.

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