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The Bowels of the Beast is a story mission in South Park: The Fractured But Whole.

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Plot details follow.


The Coon sends you and Captain Diabetes to the Peppermint Hippo in order to find someone who knows about the missing cat, Scrambles. Once there, both Diabetes and yourself must bare through three strippers, two drunk businessmen and one Boogers & Cum cocktail. After defying the odds, the two of you finally find the stripper.


Make it to The Peppermint Hippo[]

Remember, your task tonight is to find the girl with the dick tattoo who supposedly has some intel, and she's at The Peppermint Hippo. Your first task in The Bowels of the Beast is to sneak out of your house. Head downstairs.

Your dad is passed out on the couch in a drunk and high stupor, so don't worry too much about waking him up. Throw Snap N Pops at the latch at the top and the chain lock just too far out of your reach. They'll both shine when you enter Inspection Mode.

There's still a padlock you need a key for, but luckily it's not far. Just head to the left, the padlock key is hanging up on the wall by the basement door.

Now open the padlock and leave.

Captain Diabetes is waiting outside for you, and you're his new sidekick. Follow him to the right. You'll probably run into Beer Drunk Randy in front of Stan's house, and you'll discover he's been the one keying his wife's car all along as part of "A Randy Mystery".

Captain Diabetes, as responsible as he is, will take his keys. You'll have to fight Beer Drunk Randy to keep his keys from him.

Continue into Kyle's house. His family is out at City Wok, so you have free reign of the place. Go upstairs, and use Snap N Pops on the trap door in the ceiling. Climb up the ladder into the attic.

Loot the left side of the room, then punch the computer with a crack in it to move on.

Note: There's a Yaoi picture here and a well hidden bag in the bottom right corner of the room with a Diamond Costume piece inside.

Once you've collected everything, move the step stool in front of the platform and escape out the window. Now follow Captain Diabetes to the Peppermint Hippo.

Head left, down the street. Your path will eventually be blocked by a bunch of concert goers waiting in line for a port-a-potty. Talk to Captain Diabetes. He'll drink some apple juice, get a surge of power so great it lets him topple the port-o-potty, and then take insulin to go back to normal.

Now continue making your way to the Peppermint Hippo.

Sneak into The Peppermint Hippo[]

The Peppermint Hippo is a strip joint. Once there, the bouncer won't let you in the front door despite that you're obviously here on important hero business, but luckily there's an open window outside to the right of the building.

Use Snap N Pops on the dumpster to knock the lid down, then talk to Captain Diabetes so he'll activate his super strength on the telephone booth. Climb into the bathroom with your newly created ramp.

Inside the bathroom, use the toilet, loot everything, and use Snap N Pops on the condom hanging from the ceiling to collect some biohazardous "gentlemen's juice".

Get into the VIP Room[]

Your first goal once on the main floor is to get into the VIP Room. Talk to three strippers.

Note: While you're here, talk to the bartender all the way on the left. If you buy his mix tape, he'll take a Selfie with you.

Once you've talked with all three strippers, talk to Captain Diabetes. He's suckered two businessmen into thinking the two of you are also strippers, and they'll take you into the VIP Room. You know what that means: Lap dance mini game.

The mechanics are pretty similar to any of the Toilet mini games. Fart to your heart's content on the businessman's lap, and then they'll tell you the girl with the dick tattoo's name is Classi.

Despite this, they're pretty upset your lap dances were so bad, so they'll fight you. Keep them far away with knock-back attacks, focusing on the unimpeded one first. The other man is too weighed down by his erection to get close enough to harm you for a few turns.

Craft a Gin and Tonic[]

After defeating them, Captain Diabetes has the idea to craft a gross gin and tonic to knock the DJ out, which will allow you to announce Classi to the stage.

You'll need:

  • Gin and Tonic
  • Boogers and Cum
  • Rat Shit

Find the gin and tonic on the table in the bottom left corner of the main floor.

Then, head into the door that says "Private" to the left of the VIP area. Use Snap N Pops on the gas tank in the oven, then throw a fart at it to knock the boogers and cum off the shelf.

Head further into the back room to find a rat on the top right shelf. Throw a Snap N Pops on the rat, then on the middle shelf to create a ramp. Move a ladder to the white container and climb up to retrieve your last secret ingredient.

Loot the room, then use Snap N Pops on the weak top-left corner of the shelf to create a ramp. Now move the step stool to the left of the new ramp to get up and collect some rat shit.

Open up the Crafting app to throw it all together, then head over to the DJ in the main room to give it to him. He'll run away from the DJ stand in need of a bathroom.

Chase Classi[]

Once Classi comes out, she'll promptly run away. Chase after her.

Note: In the next room, make sure you get the Artifact in the chest to the left, and loot the rest of the room before going into the dressing rooms to the right.

Classi will order the rest of her stripper friends to attack you when you enter the dressing room, throwing you and Captain Diabetes into battle.

The strippers in question are as follows: Lola, Fuchsia, Paris, Esmeralda, Blaze, Rhonda, Anastasia, and Trixie.

If you have any attacks that let you charge ahead like Captain Diabetes' Sugar Rush, equip it. AOE attacks are welcome as well to clear obstacles.

Your main objective is to make it to the end of the room to get to Classi as fast as possible. Once you've made a bit of progress, Spontaneous Bootay will appear.

There should now be a meter in the bottom center of the screen. Once the meter is filled, she will interrupt whoever's turn it is, (friend or foe), and perform a huge, powerful AOE attack in front of her, slowly approaching you. Try to time your attacks to end right as Spontaneous Bootay's meter fills, effectively skipping the other strippers' turns.

Keep moving as fast as possible, taking advantage of Captain Diabetes' Sugar Rush attack. Only one ally has to make it to Classi, and you don't have to defeat the strippers to get to her, either.

After completing the fight with Spontaneous Bootay, follow Classi into the alley. After an unfortunate series of events, a ghostly Morgan Freeman will bring up the Enchirito you created during "The Burrito Whisperer".

Eat it to unlock ultra powerful TimeFarts, and your first TimeFart power: Glitch. With Glitch, you can turn back time, move an item to its original state, and skip an enemy's turn while in battle.

Turn back time to save Captain Diabetes, and get into the Italian restaurant.

Look for Classi[]

Head inside Buca De Faggoncini. The adults at the tables are all discussing how drugs are bad while guzzling down red wine non-stop. Loot the room as you look for your friends, who are at a table near the entrance of the restaurant. After talking to them, head into the kitchen.

The cooks here will start a fight if they see you. First, set the gas tanks on fire and fart on as many of them as possible for an advantage before initiating the fight.

Focus on the head chef first, as he can heal himself and an ally for 80 HP, which can really drag on the fight.

After the fight, the way up ahead is blocked. Since Captain Diabetes is out of insulin, he can't induce a strength rage with sugar. Instead, he suggests you fart on him to incite his angry power. This is when you learn about Buddy Powers, and unlock your first one: Diabetic Rage. Scan the area with Inspection Mode and look for items with green bases to analyze. Then, you'll know which Buddy Power to use, and where.

Use Diabetic Rage to clear the path and go on ahead to the next room. Here you'll learn about another power of your TimeFarts. Push the cage in your way ahead, then hold (LT) and (RT) to bring up the TimeFart controls.

Use Glitch to turn back time, moving any object that appears with static to their original location, moving the cage back behind you, clearing the path.

Note: Check out the vending machine before moving ahead if you want to buy any Artifacts you may have missed.

You'll find Classi with some mobster-looking guys in the next room.

Right as they're about to shoot you, Red Wine Drunk Randy runs into the room, scaring off the gangsters, but turning his drunken rage on you. He's still looking for his keys.

Defeat Red Wine Drunk Randy and Protect the Keys[]

You must keep the keys from Randy. Keep him Slowed and inundated with other status affects, like Chill, while casting protection and heals on your own team.

Warning: Randy's first turn will knock out Captain Diabetes. You must use the TimeFart Glitch to cancel the enemy's turn. Failure to do so will result in an instant defeat.

He should go down without too much trouble. Defeating him gets you a new Artifact and Captain Diabetes' Character Sheet.

Defeating Randy is the last task of The Bowels of the Beast. You'll then watch a cutscene of Classi talking with Coon and Friends in the Coon Lair, before Cartman's mom breaks them up. The next morning, the Farting Vigilante (you) is the talk of the news, and we get a glimpse of the criminals behind the missing cats.

Your next mission is "CLASSIfied".


  • Most of the battles in this mission were featured in a gameplay showcase during the E3 2016 expo.[1] Some of the combat elements that did not appear in the final game version are:
    • The Peppermint Hippo bouncer could be fought.
    • Tupperware or the Human Kite were the combat buddy in the battle against the strippers.
    • Tupperware was the combat buddy for the battle against the VIP Johns.
    • The Buca De Faggoncini head chef was not part of the battle against the chefs.
    • Wonder Tweek was shown to be fighting the chefs, despite being a member of the Freedom Pals.
  • If the New Kid constantly tries to speak with the Peppermint Hippo bouncer, they, along with Captain Diabetes would eventually be thrown out of the strip club. Following this, a large pink neon sign that reads "No titties for you!" is displayed, accompanied by a siren.
  • The John's line "All I got was being farted on" was used twice, both in the cutscene and the battle.
  • During the fight against the VIP Johns, Blaze will peek into the VIP room and say "Daaance? Anyone like a daaaance?". This line is Blaze's well-known catchphrase previously used in Season Seven's "Lil' Crime Stoppers".
  • When the Boogers and Cum component is picked up, a special tune will accompany it, alluding to the episode "You're Not Yelping".
  • During the battle with the Buca De Faggoncini chefs, one of the chefs may threaten to "put boogers and cum" on the superheroes. This is also in reference to the Yelper Special song.
  • The battle with Red Wine Drunk Randy has the background music that is similar to the Adventure theme battle music in South Park: Phone Destroyer. Coincidentally, the Adventure theme is run by Stan Marsh, Randy's son.
  • During the battle with Red Wine Drunk Randy, Randy may call out "I thought this was America! Isn't this America?!", in reference to Season Nine's "The Losing Edge".
  • During the morning news program, the anchorman Bill Keegan was addressed as "Tom" by the Midget Wearing a Bikini.

International Titles[]

Language Title Translation
French Les entrailles de la bête The Bowels of the Beast
German Die Eingeweide der Bestie The Bowels of the Beast
Italian Le viscere della bestia The Bowels of the Beast
Portuguese (Brazil) As entranhas da fera The Bowels of the Beast
Spanish (Latin America) Las entrañas de la bestia The Bowels of the Beast
Spanish (Spain)


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