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The Book of Mormon original poster.

The Book of Mormon is a satirical musical with a book, lyrics, and music by Trey Parker, Matt Stone (the creators of South Park) and Robert Lopez. Parker and Stone co-created the music with Lopez, who also co-wrote and co-composed Avenue Q.

The show pokes fun at Judeo-Christian religions and traditional musical theater, reflecting the creators' lifelong fascination with Mormonism, Atheism, and Musicals Themes, also explored on South Park.


  • Elder Kevin Price − One of the Mormon missionaries who wishes he were in Orlando.
  • Elder Arnold Cunningham − Another missionary with a fondness for The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars, which he preaches to his followers.
  • Elder McKinley – One of the lead Mormon elders and the Church's current District Leader in Uganda. He is secretly gay, but in denial of his feelings.
  • Nabulungi – Mafala Hatimbi's daughter, who dreams of moving to Sal Tlay Ka Siti.
  • Mafala Hatimbi – A member of the Ugandan tribe and Cunningham and Price's tour guide. Nabulungi's father.
  • General Butt-Fucking Naked – The murderous tyrant of the village that Price and Cunningham are sent to.
  • Mission President – The leader of the Mormon missionaries.

Musical numbers

Act 1

  • "Hello" − Price, Cunningham and Mormon Boys
  • "Two by Two" − Price, Cunningham and Mormon Boys
  • "You and Me (But Mostly Me)" – Price and Cunningham
  • "Hasa Diga Eebowai" – Mafala, Price, Cunningham and Ugandans
  • "Turn It Off" – McKinley and Missionaries
  • "I Am Here for You" – Price and Cunningham
  • "All American Prophet" – Price, Cunningham, Joseph Smith, Angel Moroni and Company
  • "Sal Tlay Ka Siti" – Nabulungi
  • "I Am Here for You" (Reprise) – Cunningham
  • "Man Up" – Cunningham, Nabulungi, Price and Company

Act 2

  • "Making Things Up Again" – Cunningham, Cunningham’s Dad, Joseph Smith, Mormon, Moroni, Hobbits and Ugandans
  • "Spooky Mormon Hell Dream" – Price and Company
  • "I Believe" – Price
  • "Baptize Me" – Cunningham and Nabulungi
  • "I Am Africa" – McKinley and Missionaries
  • "Orlando" – Price
  • "Joseph Smith American Moses" – Nabulungi, Mafala and Ugandans
  • "Hasa Diga Eebowai" (Reprise) - Nabulungi
  • "You and Me (But Mostly Me)" (Reprise) – Price and Cunningham
  • "Tomorrow Is a Latter Day" – Price, Cunningham, McKinley, Nabulungi and Company
  • "Hello" (Reprise) – Company



  • A very brief plug for The Book of Mormon was shown at the end of the South Park episode "Broadway Bro Down", in which it was promised that "you'll get a blowjob". The episode, whose storyline centered on Broadway musicals, was also co-written by Robert Lopez.
  • Other Matt Stone and Trey Parker works lampooning Mormonism include the 1997 film Orgazmo and the South Park episode "All About Mormons". Stone and Parker revealed in interviews [1] that their interest in Mormonism stemmed from growing up in Colorado, where they encountered many Mormons from neighboring Utah.


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