James Cameron after "Raising the Bar". The Bar itself is never seen.

The Bar is an object that seems to highly influence people in their humility. It is mentioned in the Season Sixteen episode, "Raising the Bar".


Film director and explorer James Cameron attempts to, and succeeds in raising the bar from the depths of the ocean. The Bar was so low, 16,000 feet, that it went far below the ocean and was lower than any human had ever gone.

His crew of the USS James Cameron believed The Bar to be a concept and metaphor. When James Cameron goes to "Raise the Bar", he encounters musician Randy Newman trying to lower it even more so he can continue to get work singing his songs in movies. The two fight and James Cameron brings The Bar back up to a reasonable height.

Meanwhile, Michelle Obama is hosting the First Lady's Symposium on Obesity, where Cartman is wrestling Honey Boo Boo in "sketti". When the bar is lifted, Michelle Obama realizes that what is happening is wrong. She then declares she will try to fight child obesity and literally beats up Cartman.

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