The 6th Graders hangout is a meeting place for the 6th graders that appeared in the Season Eight episode, "Pre-School".


After the boys learn that Trent Boyett, a pre-school student who was accused by them of setting Miss Claridge on fire, is looking for them to take revenge, they decide to ask the 6th graders for help. They go to their hangout to ask for their help. The 6th graders say that if they bring a photo of Stan's mother's breasts, they will defend them from Trent Boyett. The boys bring them the photo (which was actually a photo of Cartman's ass). The 6th graders try to fight Trent, but end up failing and injured.

The 6th graders' hangout did not make any more appearances in the episodes, but appeared in the games South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play! and South Park: The Fractured But Whole.


The 6th graders hangout is a riverbed with several graffiti on the banks.


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