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The 6th Graders

The Sixth Graders are students at South Park Elementary. They are usually seen in the background of South Park Elementary, roaming the halls, or gathered in the gym during assemblies. They are also seen in various parts of town, such as the arcade or their hangout. They are the bullies of South Park Elementary.


The Sixth Grade classroom.


The sixth grade classroom appeared in "Breast Cancer Show Ever", when the children are seen exiting it. The room has yellow walls, bluish green floors, roomier desks with green chairs and a history timeline on the wall along with other various posters and documents.


They appear much larger than the Fourth Graders, but slightly smaller than adults and teenagers. They are also drawn with a wide variety of different body shapes. The majority of them do not wear hats.

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They have a reputation for acting tough and being bullies, and appear to greatly enjoy intimidating the younger kids. They are also obsessed with sex, often searching for pornographic material, like pictures of breasts and porn movies. They are also often seen on bicycles, which they pretend are motorcycles, sometimes making engine noises.

Despite their reputation as tough bullies, in "Pre-School", Trent Boyett beat them up so badly that they all had to go to the hospital. They are also not very smart, as when the boys tried to pass Eric Cartman's butt with nipples drawn on as breasts, they bought it.

In "The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers", Cartman stated that the 6th graders hate water. This was proven moments later, when they refused to cross the river to chase the boys to avoid getting wet or rusting their bike chains.

Their reputation of being bullies has faded in recent episodes, as seen in "Butterballs" when they took part in Stan's anti-bullying video.

The 6th Graders seem to be quite protective of each other, as in South Park: The Fractured But Whole, in a part of the game when The New Kid finds them in an abandoned place next to the school, they were worried about Jasper, who's According to them, it had disappeared for three days.

Video Games

South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play!

They appear in the South Park game, South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play! as enemies in various levels. They are the only enemy to come in two completely different types: normal and on bikes. The normal ones are average, deal 5 points of damage to the town and take regular damage from all towers. The ones on bikes are faster, deal 9-11 points of damage and are vulnerable to fire-works towers.

South Park: The Stick of Truth

They appear in the alleyway between Jimbo's Guns and Skeeter's Bar when the Goth Kids ask you to find some cigarettes. They are seen smoking. The player then battles them to find the cigars. Strangely, they are labeled as "Smoking Scoundrels" when being battled.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

The New Kid is required to defeat a group of 6th graders with the help of Super Craig and the Human Kite to gain further access into South Park. Afterwhich, the 6th graders will be one of the common enemies that are found across town.

During The Many Asses of Dr. Mephesto mission, some 6th graders are being subjected to genetical engineering, with several asses implanted onto their bodies. The New Kid is required to defeat the mutant 6th graders in order to gain progress into the mission.




The unused 6th Grader model found in the game files.

  • Scott Tenorman was seen with the Sixth Graders in "The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers", as part of the mob to get the porno. However, it was proven that Scott Tenorman was either an Eighth or Ninth grader in "Scott Tenorman Must Die", confusing viewers as to why he was in the Sixth Grade mob. This issue was brought up on the FAQs section of South Park Studios, the response was that Scott must have wanted the porn for himself just as much as the Sixth Graders. However, the canonicity of the FAQ is disputed.
  • An unused 6th Grader model can be found in the South Park: The Stick of Truth game files. The model name is "6thg_01", so probably 6th graders would be some kind of faction, but at the end of the game they turned out to be enemies that appear in only one quest.
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