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The 12 Annual American Comedy Awards is a 1998 short featuring Eric Cartman getting angry and calling them up because South Park wasn't nominated. Kenny then adjusts the TV reception, which results in him being electrocuted to death. Cartman then exclaims "Now that's funny!".




The 12th Annual American Comedy Awards
Cartman Residence. The four boys are sitting in front of the television, with Cartman talking to someone on the telephone
Are you watching this crap on television? No, I mean the American Comedy Awards. I can't believe they pulled this on us again! Not even a single nomination! What?! They don't think we're funny?! I'll show them funny! [turns to Kenny] Hey Kenny, we lost the signal again, fix the TV.
Kenny hops up the television set and adjusts the antennas. Soon after, he gets electrocuted, and one of his eyeballs popped out, flying towards the screen. As Kenny lies on top of the TV set, the other eyeball is left dangling on his body, before dropping onto the ground
Oh my god, the American Comedy Awards killed Kenny!
You bastards!
Hold it right there, Kenny, that's perfect! Now that's funny!
The TV set now has a signal, and begins broadcasting the award ceremony
End of The 12th Annual American Comedy Awards