Thad was a UPS truck driver and deliverer who appeared in the Season Sixteen episode, "Insecurity", where he delivers packages to the townsfolk of South Park from


While Thad delivers packages in South Park, a misunderstanding brews from a drawing by Ike Broflovski, depicting the "UPS Man" having sexual intercourse with a South Park mother. This misunderstanding causes all the adult men in South Park to believe that Thad is having sexual intercourse with all their wives. This leads to all the men, led by Randy Marsh, to brutally beat Thad. Later, after the men blow up Thad's UPS truck and Wolf Home Security fails to act effectively, Thad jumps out a window of the Broflovski Residence to his death.


Thad has blond hair. He wears a UPS uniform consisting of a brown shirt, brown pants shorts, black shoes, a black watch and a brown UPS hat. He wears a blue arm sling after his beating at the hands of the South Park adult men.


  • "Insecurity" - Seen delivering packages for and being killed at the hands of South Park's insecure men.

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