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Terry is the Canadian Minister of Health and appears in the Season Seventeen episode, "Taming Strange".


Terry makes an educational public health broadcast to Canadian teenagers about "Canadian puberty"; however, he quickly learns that his knowledge of childbirth, which he got from his wife, is completely wrong, thinking originally that children were the result of a man's face being queefed on by a woman. He confronts his wife about this information, who claims she was being sarcastic and was angry that he never went with her to therapy. Later, Terry meets with his older friend, Rick, to talk about why his wife queefed on his face. Rick states that the reason has something to do with his new job as Canadian Minister of Health. Terry then calls everyone in the Canadian healthcare system, asking them if they're satisfied; this eventually leads him to call Kyle Broflovski about his little brother Ike, and later realizing that Ike had been receiving the wrong medication for several months. After having been very defensive about the Canadian healthcare system, he realizes that his hostile defensiveness of the flawed system has been the reason for why his wife queefed in his face. He then makes up with his wife.


Like the other Canadians, Terry has beady eyes and a Pac-Man-like head that flaps up and down. He has blond hair, a blond, split mustache and wears a black business suit consisting of a black coat, gray dress shirt, a red and white striped tie, brown pants, and black shoes.


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