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Terrance and Phillip are a Canadian comedy duo voiced by Matt Stone and Trey Parker respectively. Terrance's birthday is October 20th and Phillip's is November 12th. The pair appear as the stars of The Terrance and Phillip Show.


Phillip (Sir Phillip Niles Argyle of Montréal) has blond hair and a blue shirt with a "P", while Terrance (Sir Terrance Henry Stoot from the "small village" of Toronto) has black hair and wears a red shirt with a "T". Like virtually all Canadians in South Park, they are geometrically-figured with small beady eyes and egg-shaped heads which flap up and down whenever they speak. They both wear gray trousers and black shoes.

According to Terrance in "Canada on Strike", Phillip has diabetes, though this may have just been something to attempt to stop the strike that was going on before it gets out of hand. After parting ways on bad terms with Phillip in "Terrance and Phillip: Behind the Blow," Terrance gains a considerable amount of weight and stays that way for several episodes.

In "SUPER HARD PCness", Terrance and Phillip were shown to have reached the age of a senior citizen. Terrance's hair is now gray, but the style is the same. He now has wrinkles on his face and sports glasses and he keeps his red shirt, but he wears a brown jacket over it. His pants are now black and as for Phillip, his appearance has changed as well. He has gray hair like Terrance, but it is shorter and he has more hair on the sides of his head. He keeps his blue shirt, but he loses his pants, exposing his light gray checkered boxers and white socks.

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Television Show


The Terrance and Phillip Show Halloween Special

In South Park, Terrance and Phillip are the stars of a popular television show. This show-within-a-show serves an interesting role; the parents of the South Park characters view Terrance and Phillip's obsessive fart gags in much the same way that many parents in the real world view South Park - with considerable contempt. Terrance and Phillip are Beavis and Butt-Head in the South Park world. Matt and Trey have said in the past that to them Beavis and Butt-Head were like "the blues. It's the same thing over and over, but it's always good". More evidence of this is the South Park movie being a satire on the fire controversy of 1993 when a Moraine, Ohio mother blamed the cartoon for her son setting their trailer on fire killing his 2-year-old sister (Kenny lighting his fart on fire and burning himself to death). Mike Judge voiced an unhooded Kenny at the end of the movie. Matt and Trey have also stated that the characters were in response to the critics claiming the show was nothing but fart humor.

Like most other Canadians, two characters have heavy, racist accents. The "aboot" pronunciation has also been used in The Simpsons and Canadian Bacon. The fact their career is based on an accidental fart Terrance made on the The Ed Sullivan Show at the age of six, because that was the only part of their act Americans understood, may be saying something about Canadian perceptions of Americans.

The duo popularized a catchphrase in the show-within-a-show, as they would invariably say "You FAH-ted!" and then giggle to almost any farting sound. They are the favorite show of Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick as well as most of the South Park children, despite being too young to watch the show, as evidenced in “Death”, when Sheila notices that the show contains bad language.

Early episodes reference the show as airing on Cartoon Central, a spoof of Comedy Central, which airs South Park, but newer episodes consistently state it as airing on the "Canadian Network". The Canadian Network cancels the show in "Eat, Pray, Queef," then reinstates it with Terrance, Phillip, and their wives, the Queef Sisters in "Crème Fraiche". This implies that The Queef Sisters was cancelled, because Stan and Kyle reference the show as Terrance and Phillip.


Terrance and Phillip are huge celebrities on South Park, and have won the Nobel Peace Prize. Some time before "Terrance and Phillip: Behind the Blow" they broke up but they were reunited in that episode. They apparently are so famous that they have their own line of dolls as seen in "Cow Days", despite those dolls being knockoffs. "Royal Pudding" establishes that they are both Knights in Canada.


While it can be assumed that Terrance is heterosexual, Phillip's sexual orientation is, as of late, unknown. In "Terrance and Phillip in Not Without My Anus", the following conversation is heard:

Terrance: "Wow, Scott really hates us, Phillip."
Phillip: "Yes. Perhaps he's homophobic."
Terrance: [pause] "But we're not gay, Phillip."
Phillip: "We're not?"

In numerous episodes, it is implied that Phillip has feelings for Terrance. In the film, Terrance claims that Phillip had once performed fellatio on him, while taking a picture. This incident may have inspired Eric Cartman to imitate this in "Cartman Sucks". In "It Hits the Fan" Kyle also admits that the two kissed each other on screen.

However, In "Eat, Pray, Queef" Terrance and Phillip marry the Queef Sisters. It is likely that Phillip is bisexual, although no official confirmation has been given to date.

South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

The comedy duo creates tensions between Canada and the United States with their foul-mouthed humor, especially the hit song "Uncle Fucka". While appearing as guest stars on Late Night with Conan O'Brien, the duo are apprehended and placed under citizen's arrest by Mothers Against Canada. At the United Nations, the Canadian Ambassador and Minister of Media demand their release only for the Americans to refuse, but not before ridiculing them on their pronunciation of "about."

When the Canadians bombs the Baldwin residence, America declares war and orders Terrance and Phillip's execution. They are put in electric chairs at a USO show for all of America to see. But when Mr. Garrison flips the switch, the show is ambushed by the Canadians. Though Cartman and the other members of La Resistance save them by turning the switch off and trying to flee, they are caught in the battlefield of the American-Canadian War and are cornered by Mothers Against Canada. However, La Resistance stops them from attacking Terrance and Phillip, and Kyle tries giving a speech as to why she shouldn’t kill them. However, the speech doesn’t go through to Sheila Broflovski as she ends up pulling out a gun and shooting Terrance and Phillip in the head, killing them both.

South Park - Bigger, Longer & Uncut-T&P Shot

Terrance and Phillip are killed by Sheila.

When their blood touches the ground, Satan and Saddam Hussein enter from Hell to rule the Earth. However, Satan, tired of being abused, kills Saddam by throwing him on a stalagmite in Hell and Terrance and Phillip are brought back to life due to Kenny's sacrifice.


EatPrayQueef (156)

The pair married the Queef Sisters in "Eat, Pray, Queef".

Terrance used to date famous Canadian pop vocalist Celine Dion, and had a daughter with her. Their daughter, named Sally, is very close to her father and was an illegitimate birth, as Terrance refers to her as "my bastard daughter". Phillip's family has yet to be seen.

In the episode "Eat, Pray, Queef", Terrance and Phillip are married to the Queef sisters, Katherine and Katie.



After temporarily leaving Phillip, Terrance becomes fat.

  • Both Terrance and Phillip went to the same school: "The Canadian School for Gifted Babies".
  • In "Terrance and Phillip: Behind the Blow", Terrance does a sketch that he wrote back in the '60s. Since a sign read "Earth Day 2001", he would have to be at least 10 years older than in his twenties.
  • Terrance and Phillip bear resemblance to Beavis and Butt-Head, another show that is owned by Paramount.
  • In the Italian version of the show their names are "Trombino & Pompadour". Those are clear sexual innuendos, since Trombino sounds like "Trombare" (to fuck) and Pompadour sounds like "Pompino" (blowjob).
  • In an early draft of South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, Terrance was stabbed by Sheila Broflovski, spilling his blood and releasing Satan, but neither Phillip nor he actually died. In the finished version of the film, both are shot dead by Broflovski and later resurrected.
  • In "Terrance and Phillip in Not Without My Anus", Phillip is left-handed.
  • In "Canada on Strike", Phillip is revealed to be diabetic.
  • In "Terrance and Phillip: Behind the Blow", Phillip was revealed to be born in Montreal, he is an English speaking Quebecer.
  • In South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, Sheila Broflovski claimed that Terrance and Phillip are both very untalented.
  • The criticism of South Park's fart and toilet humor jokes led to the creation of these characters. Their basis of being Canadian in origin and repeating jokes related to grossness and even flatulence is a referential jab to Canadian humor and comedy shows, particularly that of You Can't Do That On Television!, Total Drama, and Stickin' Around.


Video Games

South Park: The Stick of Truth

Terrance and Phillip can be found in Canada, where they teach the New Kid Nagasaki, a fart that can destroy solid objects with glowing green cracks. When the fart is learned, Terrance and Phillip will friend the New Kid on Facebook. They can also be seen on the loading screen.

South Park: Phone Destroyer

Terrance and Phillip are a 4-Cost Common Fighter of the Neutral theme. Their card description says “Two buddies who fart in the face of adversity”. They are a two-in-one card who specialise in attacking fast with their farts.



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