User Information
Aliases {{{aliases}}}
Gender {{{gender}}}
Race {{{race}}}
Hair {{{hair}}}
Age {{{age}}}
Birthday {{{birthday}}}
Occupation {{{job}}}
Grade {{{grade}}}
Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)

Infobox template for Editor Profiles


{{Editor Profile
|image      = FILENAME
|imagetwo   = FILENAME
|name       = {{PAGENAME}}
|aliases    = 
|gender     = 
|race       = 
|hair       = 
|birthday   = 
|age        = 
|job        = 
|grade      = 
|religion   =

Note: Birthday should be used if the year of birth is unknown or changes as the show goes on.

|birthday   = May 15
|dob        = May 15, 1987

Note: Default width is 200px. Image width can be customized by adding a |width= parameter (similarly, the width of the second image can be controlled with a |widthtwo= parameter), but this should only be used in exceptional cases, usually when the image's width is greater than its height.</noinclude>

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