Tegridy Farms appeared in the eponymous episode "Tegridy Farms" in Season Twenty-Two. Randy moves the family there to start a new life.

The farm's only crop is hemp, which is then used to produce many products such as milk, hats, tape etcetera. Tegridy Farms also produces and sells marijuana, which had to be tested by Towelie.


The farm has multiple neighbouring hemp farms including "Golden Marey Kush Farm", "John & Judy Cannabis Acres" and "High Valley Marijuna Farms". Tegridy Farms appears again in "The Scoots", where Stephen and Linda Stotch try to hide out there to get away from the trick-or-treaters.

It makes another appearance in "Time To Get Cereal", where ManBearPig attacks and takes away Ned Gerblanski, leaving the Marsh family shocked. In "Nobody Got Cereal?" Stan takes shelter at Tegridy Farms after breaking out of jail. Here, he finds out from Randy that his grandpa, Marvin Marsh, has something to do with ManBearPig killing people. It also appears in "Unfulfilled" during the "Unfulfilled" montage and in the season finale "Bike Parade", where Randy manages to expand his weed business. He gains a lot of customers due to the Amazon workers' strike and provides home delivery with the help of Towelie and E-Scooters.

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  • Tegridy Farms appeared in every episode since its debut with the exception of "Buddha Box".


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