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Tegridy Farms is a short made of images created by South Park Studios and featured on their YouTube channel. The video was released alongside the website "".

In the short, Randy Marsh gives a speech about drug wars and people who still have integrity, claiming that Tegridy is donating 100% of its profits to charities that work to right the wrongs of the drug war.



Tegridy Farms



Tegridy Farms (Short)
Randy Marsh
You wanna witness some real actual history? Back in the day, George and a few of the founding fathers did have hemp farms. Cuz they knew the meaning of hard work and integrity. But then our country did lose its way and began a war on drugs that was and still is just a war on people. And then a bunch of young corporate banker types come along telling us we're all in the new normal; as they try and turn God's green miracle into an easy buck for themselves. They even hire fancy Hollywood directors to make them look all hip and cool. But you know what? FUCK those guys. They ain't got no tegridy. The truth is this country has always been people with integrity, all fightin' for the one thing they can agree on. And that's why Tegridy is donating 100% of profits to charities that work to right the wrongs of the drug war until weed is legal nationwide. You see, that's Tegridy. Those other guys? No Tegridy. Do you want some fuckin' Tegridy? Don't you wish everyone had some goddamn Tegridy? Well soon, everyone can. Tegridy Weeeeed.
End of Tegridy Farms (Short)