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Tegridy Farms is the Marsh family's residence and weed business. It first appears in the Season Twenty-Two eponymous episode, "Tegridy Farms", where Randy moves the family here to start a new life. Tegridy Farms serves as a major location since its first appearance.


The farm's only crop is hemp, which is then used to produce many products such as milk, hats, tape, etcetera. Tegridy Farms also produces and sells marijuana, which had to be tested by Towelie. The farm has multiple neighboring hemp farms including "Golden Marey Kush Farm", "John & Judy Cannabis Acres" and "High Valley Marijuana Farms". Tegridy Farms appears again in "The Scoots", where Stephen and Linda Stotch try to hide out there to get away from the trick-or-treaters.

It makes another appearance in "Time To Get Cereal", where ManBearPig attacks and takes away Ned Gerblanski, leaving the Marsh family shocked. In "Nobody Got Cereal?" Stan takes shelter at Tegridy Farms after breaking out of jail. Here, he finds out from Randy that his grandpa, Marvin Marsh, has something to do with ManBearPig killing people. It also appears in "Unfulfilled" during the "Unfulfilled" montage and in the season finale "Bike Parade", where Randy manages to expand his weed business. He gains a lot of customers due to the Amazon workers' strike and provides home delivery with the help of Towelie and E-Scooters.

In the first six episodes of the Season Twenty-Three, the normal opening theme is replaced with a whole new Tegridy Farms intro, sung by Randy. The clips from the intro contain various scenes from Tegridy Farms. The closing theme retains the same, but it features Randy Marsh scatting "Tegridy Farms" over the song.

In "Mexican Joker", Tegridy Farms expanded as a business, occupying the entire 420 Valley, as well as becoming a visiting place for tourists. The farm now includes:

  • Visitor Centre
  • Tegridy Tour - Tours around the farms
  • Science Center - A science lab for weed
  • Testing Room - A place for testing products
  • Gift Shop

In "Band in China", Randy decides to grow the family business by bringing Tegridy weed to the Chinese. When he arrives in China, the inspectors at customs check his bag and find his marijuana. Randy, unaware that drugs are illegal in China, ends up in prison where he meets Winnie the Pooh. At the tribunal, Randy tries to make a deal with the Chinese government, but to successfully close it, he kills Winnie the Pooh.

In "Shots!!!", it is revealed that Randy made 300,000 dollars by selling weed, after closing the deal with the Chinese. He celebrates this achievement by making a parade on the main street and by selling new Tegridy T-shirts. After Randy shows the family his new advertisements for Tegridy Farms, Sharon tells Randy that the only reason the Chinese are buying his weed is to plant it on their student protesters so that they can put them in jail. In the end, Randy meets with Towelie up on the town's hill to apologize for being a bad person. To forgive him, Towelie forces him to say "Fuck the Chinese Government" and he does, bringing the two back together.

Since the family is no longer selling weed to the Chinese in "Let Them Eat Goo", Towelie suggests using the mulch that goes to waste to earn profits. After Randy goes to Burger King and tries a plant-based burger, he decides to make his own using the leftover mulch. He opens a new restaurant in town called Tegridy Burger, which has an enormous success until the people find out that he and Towelie killed 200 cows.

In "Tegridy Farms Halloween Special", Towelie shows Randy the Halloween Special he made, but Shelley appears with a potion she cooked and destroys the Halloween Special. It turns out that Shelley's potion made the Halloween Special better and more powerful. Randy throws a Halloween party at his house, in which he and Towelie get so high that they see plant zombies, monsters, zombie cows, and a dead Winnie the Pooh coming after them for revenge.

In "Season Finale", the Tweaks come with incriminatory footage of Randy blowing up people's yards at the City Hall and Mayor McDaniels accuses him of killing 1000 cows and poisoning everyone with his Halloween Special, as well as many other things. Randy ends up in County jail because of this and his whole family celebrates his imprisonment by throwing a party at the farm. Randy manages to get his charges dropped after the town sees the real "Mexican Joker" and returns to Tegridy Farms where he tells his family that the season is over because of the winter that's coming.

In "Christmas Snow", Randy creates a cocaine strain named "Christmas Special" after Mayor McDaniels successfully persuades him to make one after the townspeople have lost their Christmas spirit.

In "The Pandemic Special", Randy sells a new marijuana strain inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic, named "The Pandemic Special". The special was a cure to prohibit the virus with him jacking it, and tested it on Jimbo Kern and sold it afterward; It did fix the problem until everyone who took the special had Randy's mustache. At the end of the episode, Tegridy Farms was closed due to fires caused by riots occurring throughout South Park, and with it happening, he continues to make more specials.

Prior to South Park: Post Covid, Sharon demanded the divorce as the rest of the family were fed up with the farm and Randy's behavior in general, however Randy refused to cede half of the farm to her. In his anger over the disagreement and completely fed up by his father's selfishness, Stan decided to burn the farm down but accidentally incinerated his own sister because Randy locked her in the barn as punishment for not helping with the chores. Sharon was unable to handle her death and shot herself. This eventually causes Stan and Randy's relationship to become estranged and the farm is abandoned ever since. 40 years later, Stan and Randy came back to the farm for Randy to search for the last Tegridy seed to grow hemp that can cure the new variant of Covid but the Chinese got it first and stole it. Stan left his father behind and Randy pities himself in the middle of the field until he spots the last Tegridy plant and vows to protect it as all cost.

By Season Twenty-Five, Tegridy Farms faces competition from Credigree Weed, formed by Steve Black. Randy initially partners with Steve in an effort to diversify his workforce at the farm. This partnership however, soon falls apart when Randy does not allow Steve to innovate and make any business decisions for Tegridy Farms. Steve decides to leave and start his own weed business, purchasing a plot of land right opposite of the Tegridy Farms and moving his family over. This angers Randy who accuses Steve for being a "phony", setting a rivalry between the two businesses.

"Credigree Weed St. Patrick's Day Special" sees the first major competition in which both farms attempt to sell their variant of the St. Patrick's Day special. Randy accuses Steve of cultural appropriation and gets into a fight, before being taken away by the police. When Steve receives an order of 2.5 tons of weed from the owner of Farty O'Cool's Irish Pub, he decides to buy all of Randy's special from Towelie and resell them at the pub. When Randy found out he went to the party and ripped off the Credigree Weed label to uncover the Tegridy Farms label underneath which caused shock within the crowd. Steve then claimed he used both brands of weed (as he did not have enough of his own weed).

South Park: The Streaming Wars sees both farms expanding their business into streaming services, selling their own water rights to the residents in Denver under the advice of the water commissioner. Both farms, and later Mr. Cussler, employ the help of Tolkien and Stan to build boats that can float from the farm down to the Denver Reservoir. Randy eventually discovers Stan's work for the Cussler Industries and berates him for such an act.

In "Japanese Toilet", Sharon tells Randy to replace "Ol' Blue" and causes of hatred to marijuana. Randy bought a Japanese toilet for $10,000 when she is not impressed. Later, a toilet was replaced back by "Ol' Blue".

In "Spring Break", Randy bids farewell to Sharon and Shelly are off to vacation. He crashes a party while Stan and Tolkien play Warhammer 40,000. When the party ends, Sharon and Shelly arrive home.






  • The word "tegridy" is apparently a parody of "integrity", having the intention of being both ironic and satirical about the concept of an addictive drug that's still illegal in many places, being portrayed in the eyes of those who produce and consume it as a natural, all-healing plant that should not be proscribed.
  • According to Stan Marsh in "Tegridy Farms", it takes him an hour to get to school now, implying that the farm is far from the town.
  • As of August 2021, Trey Parker and Matt Stone announced that they'll make "Tegridy Weed" a real weed farm.
    • The original website has evolved and became a business rather than an email newsletter.

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