Teenagers are background characters that appear in several episodes of the show. They made their first appearance on the episode of Season Two, "Clubhouses".


The teenagers' first appearance was at "Clubhouses" where they participate in Cartman's noisy clubhouse party. After that episode they made several other background appearances. Their most notable appearances are in "Timmy 2000" where several of them are seen watching Timmy and The Lords of the Underworld and in "The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers" where several of them join the 6th graders to to be able to take a porn tape that the boys were carrying.

After Season Nine, they were no longer seen until Season Thirteen episode, "Butters' Bottom Bitch" where they are seen at Alpha Tau Omega fraternity house.


Teenagers are taller than 6th graders, only slightly shorter than adults, about the same height as 9th graders. Apparently none of them wore hats or gloves. Most of them seem to be in their 16s and appear to be in high school.

Like the adults, they were redesigned in the most recent episodes. Now they have more detailed clothes and a huge variety of bodies.


Like 6th graders, they seem to enjoy bullying and laughing at younger children. They also use phrases similar to those of the 6th graders, like "fourthie". They also seem to enjoy participating in loud parties as seen in "Clubhouses"and "Asspen". They also seem to enjoy spending time vandalizing.



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