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The Teenager Boy with Blue Bandana is an unnamed character who appears in the Season Twelve episode, "Eek, A Penis!". He is a student of Jim Davis High School. He at first did not agree with the lessons Cartman was giving students on how to cheat, but later he gave it a chance.


While Cartman was teaching classrooms, the teenager boy with blue bandana says he did not want to learn how to cheat, Cartman tells him to leave the room in an ignorant way, so he leaves. He was later seen playing basketball alone, Cartman appears and plays along with him and cheats by hitting one of his legs with a collapsible pointer, trying to tell him that it does not matter if he is cheating, but what is on the scoreboard. Although he still does not agree with Cartman about cheating, he later changes his mind and appears in Cartman's classroom saying that maybe he can try to cheat.


He wears a light blue tank top, a white collar, a black belt, gray shorts, white socks and white sneakers with black details, he seems to have white earrings on both ears. He has black hair and like almost all Jim Davis High School students, he wears a bandana, which has a dark blue color and white details.