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Ted was an aide to Mayor McDaniels who worked with her to help improve South Park.


Like Bob Johnson, Ted did not have many prominent appearances. They both debuted alongside Mayor McDaniels in "Weight Gain 4000", where they encouraged her to use Kathie Lee Gifford's appearance for publicity by decorating the town and holding school events.

In "Volcano", he takes over the intercom when Johnson is briefly fired by the Mayor for correcting her.

In "Night of the Living Homeless", he takes the boys into his car, in hopes of helping them escape the large crowd of homeless. In his haste to help them escape, another vehicle crashes into his, killing him.

Despite his death, he makes a brief cameo appearance in "Sexual Healing", though a few episodes later in "Medicinal Fried Chicken", he is finally replaced by Janson.


Ted wears a black suit with a white shirt, red tie, and gray pants. He has a receding, brown hairline and a small, brown mustache.


Though he never exhibited much of a personality, in many of his appearances he was questioning actions performed by others - such as the Mayor's reference to Uncle Remus, Johnson popping a ball for dramatic effect, or the destruction of the library, which would suggest he is more curious than Johnson was. He died trying to save the boys, certainly suggesting he was selfless and genuinely cared about the townspeople or at least children, as he was not particularly close with the boys otherwise. He also seemed sentimental, claiming he once believed in miracles when he became sad at Christmas.



  • The second Mayor's aide is never referred to by name onscreen; he is only referred to as such through the intercom in "Volcano", where he describes himself as Johnson's replacement and has the same voice. In all other episodes, the Mayor only refers to aide Johnson by name. (Similarly, Janson's name has not been used in dialogue to date either.)


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