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Adam Nyerere Bahner, also known as Tay Zonday appeared in the Season Twelve episode, "Canada on Strike". He is an internet celebrity famous for singing the song "Chocolate Rain", which is about racism towards African Americans.


Tay was one of the internet celebrities waiting for their theoretical payments. When the other celebrities begin fighting, he produces a gun and shoots several of his fellow internet celebrities. He meets his end when Dramatic Look Gopher stares at him too long, causing his brain to explode.

In one of his videos when Zonday was asked about how he felt about his portrayal in the episode he spoke glowingly stating he was a fan of South Park and that it did what it does to all celebrities.


He wears a white shirt, brown pants and grey-rimmed glasses. He has an orange-tinted tan.


Zonday appears to have a reputation among the other internet celebrities for being smug and self-absorbed. Exemplifying this, at one point, he claims that "Nothing takes priority over Chocolate Rain!", showing him to be an egomaniac. Furthermore, he is portrayed as unstable and violent, resorting to attacking the other internet celebrities in a homicidal rage after they disagree with him having produced the most successful viral video.


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