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"Tardicaca Hula Gal" is a song from the Season Fourteen episode, "Crippled Summer", and is a parody of Sol Ho'opi'i's "Hula Girls".


Jimmy Valmer and the other campers at Lake Tardicaca summer camp perform this song at the end of the summer camp competitions. Nathan and Mimsy, of the red team tried to murder Jimmy and the blue team, so they could win the games. After every attempt fails, Nathan tries to make Jimmy's ukulele detonate when a certain note is played.


Jimmy: Oh, it's a snap at Tardicaca Camp to learn to do the hula hula dance
I fell in love with a Tardicaca dove while doin' that funny, funny dance.
And that poor little kid, why she never did know what love had in store.
So I made up my mind that I've just got to find the Tardicaca girl I did adore.

Campers: Wawawawander...
Jimmy: Hurr a little Tardicaca...
Campers: Hula...
Jimmy: She's a candy cane to wiggle
Campers: Hula...
Jimmy: She's sure to make you g-giggle.
Campers: Hula...
Jimmy: With her naughty little wiggle. I know someday
Campers: Hula...
Jimmy: I'm gonna try to make that Tardicaca gally mine, gally mine.
'Cause all the while I'm dreaming of her. My Tardicaca Hula Gal!

[Ukelele solo]
Jimmy: Out on the beach with my cute little peach where the waves are rolling in so high
Holding her hand, our feet on the sand-
If you get in a pinch, go through, it's a cinch-

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