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[[Category:Poor Characters]]

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For other uses, see Tammy (disambiguation).

Tammy Warner was Kenny's girlfriend in the "The Ring". She is in the fifth grade. She loves the Jonas Brothers. She had oral sex with Dave Darsky in the parking lot of T.G.I. Friday's. She's apparently the poorest person in school, followed by Kenny, making Cartman think that they are a perfect couple.


She has long, streaked brown hair. She wears black mascara, a red t-shirt, blue denim shorts, a heart necklace, and pink and purple bracelets. She also wears dark blue shoes and light blue socks. She appears to be based on Miley Cyrus, another Disney alumnus. Although she is poor like Kenny's family, her house appears to be better maintained.


Due to her lack of screentime, not much is known about her personality. What is known is that she is a bit of a tomboy, with traits that are similar to the Peanuts character Peppermint Patty (for example, Patty would called Charlie Brown "Chuck", Tammy would call Kenny "Ken").

She seems a bit smarter than she appears, as seen by the fact that she did not want to perform oral sex on the Jonas Brothers, of whom she is a huge fan. However, like many pre-teens, she is driven by hormones and upon seeing the boys, she opens her mouth, clearly willing. Although she is poor, she can still be pretty fashionable. She's a fifth grader, making her a year older than Kenny and the rest of the boys.



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