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Tammy Warner was Kenny's girlfriend in "The Ring". She is in the fifth grade. She loves the Jonas Brothers. She had oral sex with Dave Darsky in the parking lot of T.G.I. Friday's. She's apparently the poorest person in school, followed by Kenny, making Cartman think that they are a perfect couple.

Criminal record

Sodomy: It was implied she has oral sex with Dave Darsky and Kenny in "The Ring", this also doubles as underage oral sex.


Tammy has been shown to be a bit of a tomboy. She also seems a bit smarter than she appears, as seen by the fact that she did not want to perform oral sex on the Jonas Brothers, of whom she is a huge fan. However, like many pre-teens, she is driven by hormones and upon seeing the boys, she opens her mouth, clearly willing. Although she is poor, she is shown to be pretty fashionable. She's a fifth-grader, making her a year older than Kenny and the rest of the boys.

Despite her reputation for being a whore, she actually feels bad about giving a BJ and even apologized to Kenny.


She has long, streaked brown hair with blonde highlights. She wears a black mascara, a somewhat short red cut out shoulder t-shirt with cleavage, blue denim shorts, a golden heart necklace, and pink and purple bracelets. She also wears dark blue shoes and white socks with light blue stripes. Although she is poor like Kenny's family, her house appears to be better maintained.


  • "The Ring" - Debut appearance.
  • "Butterballs" - She is seen on the right side of the screen after Butters interrupts the song.



  • She appears to be based on Miley Cyrus, another Disney alumnus.
  • She is similar to the Peanuts character Peppermint Patty. For example, Patty would called Charlie Brown "Chuck", Tammy would call Kenny "Ken."
  • Tammy has been added to the Season Fourteen opening sequence.
  • She was supposed to appear in South Park: The Stick of Truth according to files, but was cut.
  • Tammy is Kenny's second girlfriend, after Kelly.
  • Tammy has syphilis since Kenny died of the disease after Tammy gave him a BJ. She may also have an immunity to it since she showed no symptoms.
  • When asked if she would ever return on the South Park Studios FAQ, it was replied with, "Tammy was a one-time thing we never expected much attention from, but you never know. Maybe Kenny will Skype her sooner than you think. ;)".
  • She is one of many residents of South Park who was at the September 2020 Buccaneers vs. Broncos NFL game.[2]


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