The Tall Handicapped Boy with Brown Hair is an unnamed South Park Elementary student. He first appeared in the Season Eight episode, "Up the Down Steroid". He also appeared in the episodes "Crippled Summer", "Handicar", "Moss Piglets" and others, but his most important role was in the episode "Funnybot" where he appears as Jimmy Valmer's stage drummer. He's on the red team with Nathan and Mimsy.


He is a tall boy with a high forehead, messy brown hair and is usually seen with a creepy and smiling face. He has already worn several different clothes throughout the series, his current outfit consists of a simple purple shirt, light blue pants with dark stripes on the sides and gray shoes. In "Crippled Summer" he wore the standard red Tardicaca Camp shirt, in "Funnybot" he wore a white suit and in "Moss Piglets" he wore a lab coat over his current outfit.


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