The Talking Cat appeared in the Season Sixteen episode, "Faith Hilling", where it was declared to be the cause behind the "Oh Long Johnson" meme. The talking cat was made famous by a YouTube video and a footage from that video was used in the episode.


After the death of a teenager occurred after "Oh Long Johnsoning" at a batting cage, the talking cat was cited to be the cause of the meme. The cat was eventually arrested and caged up. Professor Lamont was sent to the facility where the cat was being held to reason with it, but was unsuccessful, as he interpreted the cat's vocalizations as a refusal to stop memeing.


The Talking Cat in a cage.

This, eventually, lead to some believing that cats had evolved into beings as intelligent as humans. The Ambassador of Humans was sent in to try to communicate with the cat, who also interpreted the cat's vocalizations as a declaration of war, that the cats will continue to evolve and rise in power, that cats and humans cannot coexist, and "Oh Don Piano".

The cat is later present at the Colorado Republican Debate (2012) to debate against Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, and Newt Gingrich.


The talking cat is a black cat with patches of white fur.

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