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I was thinking what if we had a Portal:Locations as well because there must be hundreds of locations we haven't done yet and i think the Template:South Park Buildings is going to get a bit big if we do 'em all. :) JPanzerj 16:15, 2 December 2008 (UTC) mables name should be in italic because she is dead

Major changes with this page[]

-This is probably at least 98% of all characters.Still trying to find the rest...

-made two categories for families...

-one family still not added:Turner family,because of the problem with their parents(continuity error,they are changing all the time...)

Vozho 13:11, March 8, 2010 (UTC)

big antagonists or villians[]

the antagonists are:

damien (Neutral, He Is From Satan, But He Has Friendship In The End Of "Damien"


saddam hussein(Must Be Italiced)

sheila broflovski (Being Too Hard To Kyle)

Shelly marsh (Being Too Hard To Stan)

bill, terrance and fosse

scott tenorman

mickey mouse

mysterion (Neutral, He Is Mysterion)

trent boyett

baby-fark mcgeezax (He Was A Gouverneur)

jenkins the griefer

the death


kyle broflovski

eric cartman (neutral, Becouse He Is The Coon)

Professor Chaos

General Disarray


I Think That We Must Do A Thing About Groups In, Like The AAA in Go God Go and the Somalian Pirates.

I seriously think that Butters shouldn't be in the main characters' section

How could you forget this character!!![]

With all of the research you've done and all of the obscure characters and celebrities you've presented i cannot you believe you forgot the most ripped on celebrity of all!! BARBRA STREISAND!!!

- Ryan Lipinski

I can't believe it either, but she/it is on there now. --Anon talk 22:43, January 4, 2011 (UTC)

Main Characters[]

Okay now THAT had to be undone. Tweek being a huge character for six episodes doesn't count. And even then he wasn't "main". Wendy has not and hasn't ever been a main character. At that point you could just as well put Randy and Mr. Garrison on there.

And this is where I have to say... Butters. He's not a main character. If an admin disagrees, then I guess I can't do anything more. But it just doesn't seem right. I know Butters has been given a ton of screen time in the past ten seasons, but that still just doesn't cut it for me. There's more to being a main character than that. He's not on the theme song, for one thing, and he just, sort of, doesn't fit. He's a great character, I love him, but he's not a main character. He just isn't, and never will be.

What we could do is create a "major characters" section. With Butters, Wendy, Randy, ext. Davoo 10:54, May 25, 2011 (UTC)

Jimmy isn't more important then Timmy![]

So Jimmys a major character but Timmy isn't? Yeah right Timmy is the handicaped Kid, and Jimmys ust the other handicaped kid. I don't think Jimmy deserves to be on the Major character section if Timmy is'nt. 11:33, June 7, 2011 (UTC)

Defining just who is 'major' and who isn't is really confusing for South Park. Timmy may have been the original handicapped character, but after season four, he hasn't done much other than act as second banana to Jimmy. Jim, on the other hand, still takes the spotlight at least once a season.

Maybe we should add a 'formerly major' characters section. Where characters who used to be important but aren't so much anymore will be put. Including Jimbo and Ned, Tweek (during season six), Wendy (hasn't been important in a long time), move Chef there, ext. Davoo 07:14, June 8, 2011 (UTC)

What determines a major character?[]

Is it number of episodes focusing on them? In that case, Jimmy has more than Chef. How much they appear? A lot of characters would beat Chef on that. How frequently they get lines? A lot would beat both Chef and Wendy at that. Impact on the show/pop culture? That's pretty subjective, plus Timmy has probably had a bigger impact on pop culture than everyone save for Cartman and Kenny. Chef was basically to the first 2 seasons what Randy is now, so I understand keeping him there because he was a major character, but was Wendy ever really at the same "level" as these characters? Basically, I'm proposing either removing Wendy as a major character, or including both her and Jimmy, for consistency's sake. --Jopasopa 19:20, December 10, 2011 (UTC) EDIT: I would agree with the above proposal for a "formerly major" section, though I probably wouldn't put Ned there. --Jopasopa 19:22, December 10, 2011 (UTC)

Liane Cartman[]

Shouldn't Liane Cartman be at the section of major characters? I consider her more prominent than Chef.Chad vader 17:59, February 10, 2012 (UTC)

Chef has appeared more times than Liane. Also, Chef's appearances were usually always speaking roles whereas Liane would get more non-speaking roles. Major characters are to have played a significant role on South Park as a whole. The current set of Major characters meet that requirement. Liane, does not, at least not yet. Speaking officially. Manic The Hedgehog Wall Speaking officially. 18:06, February 10, 2012 (UTC)


Can someone add the two character pages I made to portal:characters, I made Akmarh Shulur and Keyvan.Wooperdogg1 (talk) 17:52, July 20, 2020 (UTC)

Canadian President[]

He's dead. His name should be italicized. (The page is locked.) Yaaaayyy (talk) 17:00, 21 November 2021 (UTC)

A few characters that are missing on "Major Characters"[]

ManBearPig should be featured with the "Recurring" or at least "Classic Characters" in my opinion. He is very iconic and did pop up quite frequently in recent years. Probably more important and well known than some characters actually featured there. Was really surprised not to find him there. Mintberry Crunch could be considered a "Classic character", he is one of the central characters in one of the most beloved and well known storylines in the show, is very noticable in the intro, is a playable character in "The Fractured But Whole" and has more merchandise than quite a few of the featured characters. I personally think he should be added to the classic characters. Nathan and Mimsy could also arguably be featured with the "Recurring Characters", but that's really up for debate, they are not as popular or well known as ManBearPig and Mintberry Crunch.

Just a few thoughts. What do you guys think?