Cockney Accent?...WRONG

Whoever said that Gordan Brown's accent in South Park is 'cockney' needs to travel more. He doesn't speak much in his two episodes but what he says is NO WHERE NEAR cockney. Cockney in the UK is, to be blunt, considered the 'lower-class' way of talking, comparable to how people in america stereotype 'hicks', in that they both don't articulate words the same way as middle-higher class individuals do. I'm editting that part out.


I do apologise, i am British but i find it hard to distinguish between accents and noises so i apologise for any mistakes. Thanks for correcting me! JPanzerj 19:23, 25 April 2009 (UTC)

His accent might not be cockney but it's definately english/london. And not at all like his SCOTTISH accent.

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