snipsElvin is adorable!!!!I like the part in Merry Christmas Charlie Manson that Cartman says"Looks like you finished your fudgsicle Elvin."Then Elvin looks down at his clean fudgsicle stick and starts to cry uncontrollably.Cartman yells"Goddamnit be quiet Elvin!"When this doesn't work he yells"Shut Up Elvin!"When Elvin still is crying Cartman looks around for something.He grabs a stick and whacks Elvin with it."No Elvin, Bad Elvin!"Cartman yells again.Elvin stops crying ,but his eyes are all screwed up.That makes him even cuter!!!:DSouthparkrulesBrie 22:48, May 7, 2010 (UTC)

I wonder if he's the same cousin that Cartman refers to in Le Petit Tourette :3

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