Tad Mikowski is the character Stan Marsh battles in a skiing competition in "Asspen". He often mockingly calls Stan "Stan Darsh". 


Tad's father is a rich businessman who plans to bulldoze a small youth center in order to develop the area. If Stan wins the race the youth center will be saved.

Although Tad appears to be winning the race at first, he ultimately loses when a girl flashes him her breasts - which turn out to be a pair of stranded alien "things". The distraction allows Stan to win, saving the youth center.

He later made a small appearance at the end of "Buddha Box" where he is seen with a Buddha box on his head.


Tad sports ski goggles with a dark blue band and orange tinted lens over his blond hair. His facial features include sharp cheek bones and a cleft chin. He wears a blue skiing jacket with light blue sleeves, red scarf, yellow ski pants, gray boots and uses purple skis.


Tad acts like the stereotypical rich antagonist from sports movies, ripping on Stan endlessly, despite the fact that Stan is a little boy and has just begun learning to ski. Stan also outright admits that he couldn't beat Tad, but these admissions are overlooked by Tad as he continuously harasses Stan to have a race with him.

Despite the fact that he could win effortlessly without cheating during the race, he uses numerous dirty tricks to secure his victory, such as pouring sand in Stan's path and chopping down a tree.


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