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  • Cartman uses the name Mitch Conner again.
  • The fact is Cartman didn't get an iPad before this episode, but seems to have an iPhone 4.
  • The T.M.I. formula is a spoof of B.M.I., the Body Mass Index, which uses a formula for measuring how fat you are that is rather complicated, and seems to have changed a few times over the years.
  • In real life, T.M.I. can also mean "Too Much Information", which this episode provides in spades.
  • This episode has the word "shit" uncensored again. Also, Butters is seen naked and his penis is visible and not censored. Kenny's was also visible in "Coon Vs Coon and Friends".
  • One of the lesbians from "D-Yikes!" makes an appearance as one of the Anger Management group members.
  • Bradley Biggle's name is not on either of the list of sizes. This is presumably because he is still away from earth visiting his father.
  • In the scene where Randy explains the formula, several new, never-before-seen people are seen in the classroom.
  • The girl in Anger Management is happy when The Penis Size Chart is reduced; this is strange, as she should have no penis and should therefore still be below the average line. However, her statement about "being a girl on the outside" implies she was formerly a man, or is a transsexual and thus a man on the inside or maybe she, like Mr. Garrison, got a sex change.
  • There are various formulas for T.M.I.:
    • Randy Marsh: $ \cfrac{((L \times d)+ \tfrac{W}{G})}{\angle\alpha_t^2} = T.M.I. $
    • Surgeon General: $ \Big(\cfrac{L \times G}{\angle A^\circ}\Big) \times \Big(\dfrac{M}{W}\Big) = T.M.I. $
    • Anger Therapist: $ \dfrac{L \times W}{M^2 - \angle} + yaw = T.M.I. $
  • When Randy Marsh runs on and attacks the lady, he yells the "Boutin montair!", a french term which roughly translates into "Damn liar!"
  • The Surgeon General's last name may be a spoof for "turn out".

References to Popular Culture

  • At the very beginning of the episode in the school cafeteria, Butters and the boys are discussing the Arnold Schwarzenegger's love child scandal (which Butters mistaken for the Terminator and Skeletor), that made headlines the day before the episode aired.
  • One of the students' name on the list is Leroy Jenkins, a reference to a YouTube video where a World of Warcraft player yells "LEEEEEEEROOOOY JEEEENKIIINS!!!" at his monitor.
  • One of the students name is "Adam Briggs", which is an Australian rapper's name.


  • Tuong Lu Kim returns after six years after his last speaking appearance, "Wing".
  • Many minor characters' full names were revealed on the chart, including Damien, Timmy, DogPoo Petuski, Leroy, Bill, and Fosse.
    • However, it should be noted minor characters Francis, Jason and Terrance Mephesto are not listed, though all continue to appear in the background.
  • ActualSizes
    Cartman's excuse "I'm not fat, I'm big boned", hasn't been used since "Jared Has Aides", 9 years ago. In "Fat Camp", his mother revealed to him he is actually just fat, and that he wasn't big-boned, it was merely a lie she told him. Despite admitting at the end of the episode that he was obese, he seems to have reverted to his former belief in this episode.

Boys' Growth Spurt/Penis Lengths

Boy Growth Spurt Penis Length
Craig Tucker 2.4" 2.2"
Butters Stotch 2.2" 2.4"
Stan Marsh 2.1" 2.1"
Kyle Broflovski 2.4" 2.0"
Token Black 2.3" 2.2"
Timmy Burch 2.4" 1.5"
Kenny McCormick 2.4" 2.0"
Tweek Tweak 1.9" 1.45"
Bill Allen 2.4" 1.8"
Dogpoo Petuski 2.2" 1.9"
Fosse McDonald 2.1" 1.89"
Leroy Jenkins 2.4" 2.1"
Damien Thorn 2.3" 1.57"
Bridon Gueermo 2.4" 1.7"
James Patton 2.4" 2.4"
Miles Byrne 1.9" ---
Boy Growth Spurt Penis Length
Clyde Donovan 2.2" 2.3"
Andrew Stan 2.3" 1.9"
John Abbott 2.2" 2.2"
Jay Dillinger 2.0" 2.1"
Will Handle 1.8" 2.5"
Eric Cartman 1.2" 1.4"
Jimmy Valmer 1.7" 1.7"
Dominic Palotta 1.6" 2.4"
Michael Rogers 1.8" 2.7"
Adam Briggs 1.9" 1.7"
Chris Andrews 2.2" 2.5"
Brock Sampson 2.0" 2.7"
Justin Hall 1.8" 3.0"
Hugo Benz 2.1" 2.5"
Andrew Mutt 1.7" 2.4"
Kevin Stoley 2.1" 2.2"


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  • Cartman reads his growth spurt right the first time - 1.2 inches - but misremembers it later as 1.4 inches.
  • Bridon Gueermo from "Elementary School Musical" is on the Fourth Graders penis sizes, although Bridon is in the Third Grade.
  • Randy said his T.M.I was 6.3 inches, which he said was 0.8 inches above the national average, which would make the average 5.5 inches, but the Fedex chairwoman said the national average was 6 inches. This is probably because of their different T.M.I. ideas.
  • On the actual penis size chart it says Cartman is 1.2 inches, but everyone sees it as 1.4.
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