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  • There was no chart showing the girls' height differentials.
  • Cartman uses the name Mitch Conner again.
  • Cartman didn't get an iPad before this episode, but seems to have an iPhone 4.
  • The T.M.I. formula is a spoof of B.M.I., the Body Mass Index, which uses a formula for measuring how fat you are that is rather complicated, and seems to have changed a few times over the years.
  • In real life, T.M.I. can also mean "Too Much Information", which this episode provides in spades.
  • This episode has the word "shit" uncensored again. Also, Butters is seen naked and his penis is visible and not censored. Kenny's was also visible in "Coon vs. Coon & Friends".
  • One of the lesbians from "D-Yikes!" makes an appearance as one of the Anger Management group members.
  • Bradley Biggle's name is not on either of the list of sizes. This is presumably because he is still away from earth visiting his father.
  • In the scene where Randy explains the formula, several new, never-before-seen people are seen in the classroom.
  • The example read from the study sheet has measurements in both the imperial system and the metric system, which is highly unusual without converting the measurements to one system or the other.
  • There are various formulas for T.M.I.:
    • Randy Marsh:$ \cfrac{((L \times d)+ \tfrac{W}{G})}{\angle\alpha_t^2} = T.M.I. $
    • Surgeon General:$ \Big(\cfrac{L \times G}{\angle A^\circ}\Big) \div \Big(\dfrac{M}{W}\Big) = T.M.I. $
    • Anger Therapist:$ \dfrac{L \times W}{M^2 - \angle} + yaw = T.M.I. $
  • When Randy Marsh runs on and attacks the lady, he yells "Boutin montair!", a French term which roughly translates into "Damn liar!"
  • The Surgeon General's last name may be a spoof for "turn out".
  • The Anger Therapist's equation showing that small penis size correlates to anger is incorrect. It lacks an indication that the relationship in inverse, thus according to his calculation people with larger penises would be more angry.
  • Tweek's penis size falls below the new average made by the Surgeon General.
  • The first FedEx that was taken over was in Fairplay, CO. Fairplay is the town that South Park is based on.
  • Butters may be uncircumcised, as he tells his penis to "come on out."
  • At the beginning of the episode, Kenny is eating food from the cafeteria, even though he always brings a sandwich in a plastic bag and a bottle of water.

References to Popular Culture

  • At the very beginning of the episode in the school cafeteria, Butters and the boys are discussing the Arnold Schwarzenegger's love child scandal (which Butters mistakes for the Terminator and his then-wife, Maria Shriver as Skeletor), that made headlines the day before the episode aired.
  • One of the students' name on the list is Leroy Jenkins, a reference to a YouTube video where a World of Warcraft player yells "LEEEEEEEROOOOY JEEEENKIIINS!!!" at his monitor.
  • One of the students name is "Adam Briggs", which is an Australian rapper's name.
  • One of the students is named "Brock Sampson", which is a reference to Venture Brothers character "Brock Samson".
  • One of the attendees of the anger management class is shown to be part of the Tea Party movement, which was gaining momentum around the time this aired. He made a reference to the debacle concerning the location of Barack Obama's birth certificate and whether or not he was born in the United States.
  • Wayne D is seen wearing a Miami Heat basketball jersey representing LeBron James.
  • The three men who appear in large trucks with lifts and a sports car outside Butter's home are references to the trope of men with a small penis compensating with large and flashy vehicles and items.
  • The song Randy sings after the T.M.I. "nice" zone on the chart is officially increased sounds strikingly similar to "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" from Lion King.

Boys' Growth Spurt/Penis Lengths

Boy[1] Growth Spurt Penis Length
Craig Tucker 2.4" 2.2"
Butters Stotch 2.2" 2.4"
Stan Marsh 2.1" 2.1"
Kyle Broflovski 2.4" 2.0"
Token Black 2.3" 2.2"
Timmy Burch 2.4" 1.5"
Kenny McCormick 2.4" 2.0"
Tweek Tweak 1.9" 1.45"
Bill Allen 2.4" 1.8"
Dogpoo Petuski 2.2" 1.9"
Fosse McDonald 2.1" 1.89"
Leroy Jenkins 2.4" 2.1"
Damien Thorn 2.3" 1.57"
Bridon Gueermo 2.4" 1.7"
James Patton 2.4" 2.4"
Miles Byrne 1.9"  ?
Clyde Donovan 2.2" 2.3"
Andrew Stan 2.3" 1.9"
John Abbott 2.2" 2.2"
Jay Dillinger 2.0" 2.1"
Will Handle 1.8" 2.5"
Eric Cartman 1.2" 1.4"
Jimmy Valmer 1.7" 1.7"
Dominic Palotta 1.6" 2.4"
Michael Rogers 1.8" 2.7"
Adam Briggs 1.9" 1.7"
Chris Andrews 2.2" 2.5"
Brock Sampson 2.0" 2.7"
Justin Hall 1.8" 3.0"
Hugo Benz 2.1" 2.5"
Andrew Mutt 1.7" 2.4"
Kevin Stoley 2.1" 2.2"




  • Cartman reads his growth spurt right the first time - 1.2 inches - but misremembers it later as 1.4 inches.
  • Bridon Gueermo from "Elementary School Musical" is on the Fourth Graders penis sizes, although Bridon is in the Third Grade.
  • Randy said his T.M.I was 6.3 inches, which he said was 0.8 inches above the national average, which would make the average 5.5 inches, but the FedEx chairwoman said the national average was 6 inches. This is probably because of their different T.M.I. ideas.
  • On the actual penis size chart it says Cartman is 1.2 inches, but everyone sees it as 1.4.


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