The Syrian Refugee Children appear in Season Nineteen episode "Stunning and Brave", as part of Cartman's plan to get rid of PC Principal.


The Syrian Refugee Children were one of the stages in Eric Cartman's plan to get rid of the PC Delta in "Stunning and Brave".

The Plan

The plan consists of several stages of increasingly offensive, outrageous stereotypes and behavior to create chaos and violence among the PC bros, ultimately leading to the deaths of all the PC bros.

The plan starts by using 200 pregnant Mexican women to eat the tacos launched by the taco launchers, who then fall asleep and give birth to anchor babies. The PC bros would then be further distracted by a flood of Syrian Refugee Children, who would then be chased by Jared Fogle, who is intent on molesting them.


All of the children vary in appearance, but are all Middle Eastern in descent. Some of the female children wear dresses and headscarves, while some of the male children wear shirts, T-shirts, and occasionally a hat.

One of the children looks similar to David Rodriguez.


  • "Stunning and Brave" - Seen as part of Cartman's failed plan to oust PC Delta from South Park.
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