Super School News was a news broadcast for South Park Elementary featured in the Season Eight episode "Quest for Ratings".


The show was rivaled by Craig's show: Animals Close-Up With a Wide-Angle Lens. The show was later re-vamped to attract more viewers, as Mr. Meryl told them that the show's rating was a four as in only four students watched the show. They changed the name and format to Sexy Action School News to focus on more sensational news and gossip.

Super School Newspaper

When it finally re-appears in the Season Nineteen episode "Sponsored Content it is no longer a closed circuit television news show for South Park Elementary, but now a public newspaper. It becomes very popular among South Park Residents because it does not have ads. A GEICO Insurance Salesman attempts to bribe Jimmy to put ads in it and then threats of violence when he refuses him, but the Insurance salesman is killed by former Officer Barbrady, since being fired in the previous episode. Jimmy is removed from his job as the editor as a result of his "Pussy Crushing" insulting against PC Delta, and Nathan becomes the editor of the school paper as seen in "Truth and Advertising".

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