The Super Best Friends is a superhero organization composed of the leading figures of all the world's leading religions (and Seaman). The group is an obvious parody of The Superfriends cartoon series, a youth-oriented interpretation of DC Comics' "Justice League of America". They first appeared in the episode "Super Best Friends".


Led by Jesus Christ of Christianity, the Super Best Friends is a group of religious icons (and Seaman) who go around the world protecting it from assorted evil threats. Despite the fact that the world uses their faiths as excuses for fighting and war, the members of the Super Best Friends remain just that - Super Best Friends.

In the episode "Super Best Friends," magician David Blaine begins to form a cult under his own name called "Blaintology." Among those he converts are the boys. However, Stan begins to grow suspicious and leaves the cult, only to be threatened by members of the group. Fearful for his friends who remained behind, Stan seeks out the help of Jesus. However, Jesus' old slieght-of-hand water-to-wine trick is no match, and they then call upon the help of the other Super Best Friends, at the Hall of the Super Best Friends. Together the group goes to Washington DC to stop David Blaine's followers from committing mass suicide in order to gain Tax -xempt Status as a supposedly "legitimate" religion. In a climactic showdown, they defeat Blaine's trump card, a giant stone Abraham Lincoln, with a giant stone John Wilkes Booth.


Muhammad is shown here uncensored in the episode "Super Best Friends"

The group appears again in "200" and "201," in which all the celebrities who South Park has ever insulted, threaten to sue the town if they do not hand over Super Best Friend member and Muslim prophet Muhammad. However, a problem arises: since the Super Best Friends episode, it has become impossible for anyone, even the Super Best Friends, to show an image of Muhammad anywhere. Stan and Kyle managed to get Muhammad to go with them to South Park, in a U-haul, but are then forced to take him out of the U-haul as proof that he is really Muhammad.

They do so but dress him up in a bear-costume in the hope that it will work. However, the celebrities and the Ginger Separatist Movement want to see him out of the costume in order to prove it is really him and not an impostor. However, Stan and Kyle made a promise to not show Muhammad to the Super Best Friends. It's revealed that Mr. Hankey suggested that they dress up Santa Claus in the bear costume instead, hoping that no one will notice the difference, due to the fact almost no one has seen Muhammad before, save for Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny, David Blaine, and the rest of the Super Best Friends. The plan fails, however, and the Gingers demand the real Muhammad be turned over. Kyle, remembering the incident in which his elephant had sex with Cartman's pig, suggests they try and get Dr. Mephesto to clone Muhammad like he tried to clone Stan. This plan also fails when the Gingers kidnap all of them.

Later, when Barbra Streisand attacks South Park, the Super Best Friends use their Super Best Friend cycles to get to the town. They defeat Streisand by having Krishna transform into Neil Diamond and sing a duet with Streisand. They then battle against the Gingers led by Scott Tenorman and save Cartman and a group of the townsfolk.


  • Jesus Christ - Extremely fast construction, carpentry skills, expert hand-to-hand combatant, resurrection, flight
  • Krishna - Shapeshifting, flight
  • Joseph Smith - Ice breath, flight
  • Lao Tse - Psychic powers, flight
  • Muhammad - Pyrokinesis, flight, Immunity to being mocked (appears as a black censor bar in future episodes and reruns of Super Best Friends)
  • Buddha - Invisibility, flight
  • Seaman and Swallow - Underwater breathing and communication with sea-life, flight
  • Moses - Supercomputer


  • In "200," the Super Best Friends are introduced in an opening sequence similar to The Superfriends cartoon series.
  • The base of the Super Best Friends is designed to look exactly like the Hall of Justice that appears in both the Superfriends cartoon and the Justice League of America comics.
  • Krishna's shapeshifting ability is similar to that of Jayna of the Wonder Twins.
  • Seaman is a parody of DC Comic's Aquaman.
  • The Super Best Friends cannot help but laugh every time they hear Seaman's name, calling him "Semen" instead.
  • The introduction episode of the Super Best Friends, as well as "200" and "201" has been removed from South Park Studios, due to the threats made against Matt Stone and Trey Parker involving Muhammad.
  • Buddha is revealed to have a cocaine problem, while Jesus Christ is addicted to pornography.
  • In I'm a Little Bit Country, The Super Best Friends were seen singing the reprise of Bleeding Heart Rock Protest Song vs. Pro War Country Song except for Moses and Muhammad. Obviously, Muhammad wasn't shown again because this happened just after the creators received controversy about showing him on TV but it is unknown why Moses wasn't seen.
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