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The Super Awesome Talent Agency's logo.

The Super Awesome Talent Agency is a talent company seen in Season Nine episode, "Wing". Eric Cartman founded the company on the grounds that "just because you're not talented you can still succeed, by earning 20% off those who are". Cartman starts this talent agency with Stan, Kyle, and Kenny in the hopes of becoming Tolkien Black's management team. They set up Cartman's basement to look like an office complete with a water fountain, which is what all professional talent agencies have, according to Cartman, a large desk and a telephone.


Tolkien Black

After winning the Colorado Child Star contest Tolkien is commissioned to sing at the Miss Colorado Pageant which will earn him $200. After the pageant is over, Tolkien gives $20 to his new managers but he is lured away by another more professional talent agency called the CAA.

Wing Han Tsang

Wing is the wife of Tuong Lu Kim: the owner of the local restaurant City Wok. He says she is a talented singer. The Super Awesome Talent Agency agrees to represent her by scheduling performances so she can earn enough money to pay off the Chinese Mafia that brought her to America. Her first job is as an American Idol contestant where she will earn $2000. When the American Idol job falls through Wing appears as a contestant in a boxing show called The Contender. She sings while being beaten by the opponent Manuelo Furnanda. Actor and boxing enthusiast Sylvester Stallone enjoy Wing's singing and offers the boys $4000 for her appearance at his son's wedding. The Chinese Mafia catches up to Wing and kidnaps her to make her work in a massage parlor to pay off her debts. The boys try and fight the gangsters in a shoot out to get her back, believing they are another rival talent agency.

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