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The Substitute Teacher is an unnamed teacher at South Park Elementary. She is first seen acting as a substitute for the kindergarten class, but continues to appear as a minor faculty member throughout the show.


The teacher is first seen at South Park Elementary in "With Apologies to Jesse Jackson" at a school assembly introducing Dr. David Nelson to the school. She has since made frequent background appearances in assemblies or meetings involving the school teachers.

She is seen teaching the kindergarten class in "Fatbeard" during the morning announcements, but a new teacher takes over that class later that season and she continues to appear.

In "Gluten Free Ebola", she makes a frustrated remark that they are running behind because of Mr. Mackey once again, and the other teachers begin discussing his gluten-free diet.

She is also present at the larger staff meeting in "SUPER HARD PCness", where she is one of the teachers who overhears "Hold My Hand" by Hootie and the Blowfish playing in the background.


The substitute teacher has bright brown parted hair with visible eyelashes and white earrings. She wears a pink buttoned shirt with a collar and a pearl necklace under a pale yellow jacket. She also wears a long purple skirt and has deep purple shoes.



  1. Credited as "Teacher" in ""South Park" Gluten Free Ebola (TV Episode 2014)".
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